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Zenhiser Subliminal

Subliminal pushes the boundaries of electronic music by fusing Deep House with the synthesised melodies of majestic Progressive House. This melting pot of untouched sounds is an absolute goldmine just waiting to be used. If you need sonic inspiration to offer a refreshing new take on the Deeper sound of House then this stockpile is for you.

The superb collection of sophisticated samples, loops, stems, midi, one shots, fx, vocals and more are masterfully layered with soulful undertones, which allows the construction of complex arrangements with ease. Over 5GB of harmonious sounds, tight basslines, explorative synth lines, oldskool hints of yesteryear classics, deep impactive chords and after-hours rhythms makes Subliminal the ultimate polished sample pack for producer aficionados. The broad spectrum of possibilities supplied by full songs with individual stems, full mix loops with each part supplied, accompanying Midi plus a wealth of one shots, drum sounds and FX makes this intricately programmed masterpiece a future proof classic.

All sounds in this Deep pack are 100% royalty free and come in 24-Bit Wav. Midi is included as standard, tempo & key information is file tagged where applicable with everything in it’s respective folder, named simplistically and ready for immediate download after purchase. From deep and heavy to uplifting and sublime this aptly named sample pack from Zenhiser has all your Deep House sounds and Progressive House samples covered.

Libraries rernofficial 14.07.2020 0

8Dio - Blendstrument Strange Pulses (KONTAKT)

Libraries Antitone 13.07.2020 0

8Dio - Blendstrument Hybrid Pulses V.1.1 (KONTAKT)

Libraries Antitone 13.07.2020 0

8Dio - Blendstrument Motion Textures (KONTAKT)

Libraries Antitone 13.07.2020 0

Kilohearts Phase Plant 1.8.5 OSX

Phase Plant is a sound designer's dream come true
Whether you just installed your first DAW, you’re looking for inspiration to follow up that award-winning single you produced last year, or you’ve been tasked with creating the sound of a hot broadsword slashing through ice for an online game, we have what you need.
Phase Plant gives you more options and flexibility than you can shake a stick at, to make things as big or small as you need without compromising the workflow. All in one box.

Software itsan 13.07.2020 0

Libraries kikolmx 12.07.2020 1

BBK Audio - All Packs ( Todo En Uno )

Libraries kikolmx 12.07.2020 1

Weiss Complete Collection

Software ha33y 11.07.2020 2

Output Thermal

Software nomercy123 11.07.2020 1

The Andres Torres & Mauricio Rengifo Sample Pack

Libraries kikolmx 09.07.2020 2


Software miketramp 09.07.2020 4

REQ: Basement Freaks Oldschool Funky Breaks

INFO: Music brings people together. This is fact. Basement Freaks knows this better than most, and his new pack Oldschool Funky Breaks is a great example of this. Bringing in old friends that he had worked with 16 years earlier for a collaborative sample pack, they unleashed sounds from their roots. Out came the chunky funky grooves and riveting melodies, resulting in a library capturing the entire essence of Funk, Soul, Garage Rock and Blues music.

Oldschool Funky Breaks is graffiti blasted and giving you a super classic vintage breakbeat vibe that is hard to come by. It is heavily influenced by the era of 70s blues rock, and names such as J Dilla, DJ Premier, Ugly Duckling, Jurassic 5, to name a few.

Inside you will find loads of one shots and loops. Bass, Drums, Guitar, and full on Music Loops, giving you everything you need! The one shots provided take you even further into inspiration, by adding keys, percussion, brass, guitars and flutes. Load these into a sampler or DAW of your choice, and you are ready to get funky!

So what are you waiting for? Grab Oldschool Funky Breaks today!


Libraries Rashad Harris 09.07.2020 0

Drums That Knock 9


Libraries r5fiyahbeats 09.07.2020 1

Affinity Harmonics - Yamaha SK50D

Ultra Rare Triple Synthesizer and Dual Symphonic Organ!
It includes 5 full-featured modules including:

A giant solo monophonic synth
A 3 oscillator polyphonic synth and string machine
A monstrously unique 3 oscillator monophonic bass synth
A 2 timber lush lower organ
A adjustable 9 drawbar style upper organ with an additional 3 timber perk layers.

Libraries Antitone 08.07.2020 0

Knif Audio Knifonium

Software migge999 08.07.2020 0

Presonus Studio One v 5

Last version

Software Marc1969 08.07.2020 4

Evolution Of Sound - Destination

Libraries charliestooks 08.07.2020 0

Dark Origins - Ableton Live Racks For Obscure Sounds

45 Synth Racks
6 Micro Templates
10 FX Racks

Libraries labtekdnb 07.07.2020 0

Sonic Academy Track Walkthrough GAWP Bass House Nobody's Watching

Lerning nomercy123 07.07.2020 0

Synchro Arts - Revoice pro 4

Software pmconthebeat 07.07.2020 2
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