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Title Category Author Date

Slate Digital FG-X Mastering Processor FOR WINDOWS

Libraries alxxsm 26.09.2020 1


Lerning MattPosch 25.09.2020 1


Libraries foraudiolove 25.09.2020 1


Libraries foraudiolove 25.09.2020 1

Function Loops - Jazzy Chill & Lofi HipHop
Missed the link for my Laniakea Sounds - Vintage Hip Hop & Jazzy Beats which is:

Libraries it2audio 25.09.2020 0

Laniakea Sounds - Vintage Hip Hop & Jazzy Beats

This sample pack has BPM range from 70 to 98 suitable for Hip Hop, Chill Hop, Trip Hop, Rap and Downtempo genres. All musical content is key-labelled, making it easy to fit together in your DAW.

Libraries it2audio 25.09.2020 0

Deceiver Vol 3

Libraries nomercy123 25.09.2020 1

Ilya Efimov - TC Electric Guitar

This is a must have for me.
I really love how sound this preset but I've never find it :(

Official link :

Can you add it please ?

Have a great day,

Libraries roms53 25.09.2020 0

TrueFire's Ravi's Learn Guitar in 21 Days

Lerning qcgermanboy 23.09.2020 0

TrueFire's Corey Congilio's 30 Beginner Acoustic Guitar Rhythms You MUST Know

Lerning qcgermanboy 23.09.2020 0

TrueFire's Jeff Scheetz's 80 Guitar Chords You MUST Know

Lerning qcgermanboy 23.09.2020 0

TrueFire's Learn Guitar 2: Next Steps for Beginners

Lerning qcgermanboy 23.09.2020 0


Lerning MattPosch 23.09.2020 1

ANGEMI "How To" Mega Pack

Lerning MattPosch 21.09.2020 1

ACQUA - Ultimate Dreamware Studio Collection2

Software qcgermanboy 20.09.2020 1

ACQUA - Pensado EQ

Software qcgermanboy 20.09.2020 1

INA GRM TOOLS Complete 2

Thank you in advance

Software Lagrenouillette 20.09.2020 1


Please upload this. Thanks

Libraries foraudiolove 19.09.2020 1

Sonixinema - Brute Flute (Kontakt)

True Legato and Rare Contrabass Flute Textures

Libraries Antitone 18.09.2020 0

Sonica - Kabuki Noh Percussion

Seven years have passed since we released the incredibly popular Kabuki & Noh Percussion library.

Over this time, we have gradually upgraded and expanded our large collection of recordings and samples of percussion instruments featured in Kabuki and Noh theater.

We are now finally releasing this work as a massive upgrade entitled Kabuki & Noh Percussion 96k Master Edition — a Kontakt library with full-on professional specs and Sonica Instrument’s unparalleled quality.

Kabuki & Noh Percussion 96k Master Edition puts the sounds of Japan in the hands of all music creators.

Libraries Antitone 18.09.2020 0
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