SkillShare How to Make Money as a Music Artist [TUTORiAL]

SkillShare How to Make Money as a Music Artist
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As a music artist, you’re owed money whenever the music is purchased, streamed, covered, played on the radio, performed in public, heard on YouTube, or sampled. In this easy and actionable course, you'll discover the necessary steps you need to make money from music. Every day around the world, artists produce music but don’t earn their maximum earning potential. Your songs can generate money and royalties for your entire life.

In fact, in 2012, more that $1 billion dollars in music publishing royalties went undistributed due to missing or unverified data. You need to make sure those earnings have no problem finding you. You’re entitled to these royalties every time your music gets played, purchased, or streamed. Today, music artists have more opportunities than ever to make significant income from their songs. While artists want to concentrate on their craft, making an income from your passion is the hardest aspect of the music industry.

Having access to information online doesn’t equal understanding; and just because you CAN make money from your music doesn’t mean you know HOW to do it. This is where this course comes in! Learn the 15+ best ways to make money from music. I will clearly explain each method and give practical tips you can use to make money from your music.

Course topics:

  • How to Register Your Music for Copyright - Prevent someone else making money from your music
  • Music Copyright, Who Owns a Song, Collaborations, and What Music Copyright Doesn’t Cover
  • Poor Man’s Copyright - does it work?
  • How to Get Paid Performance Royalties from Performing Rights Organizations - make money every time your music gets played
  • How to Get Paid for Your Performances - get paid every time you perform a public performance
  • How to Sell Your Music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music - how to leverage your fan base to make money
  • How to Get Your Music on TV Shows, Movies, and Video Games
  • How to Successful Sell Merchandise to Your Fans
  • How to Get Paid When Your Music Gets Streamed
  • How to Turn Your Passion for Music into an Income
  • How to Get Paid When Your Music Gets Streamed
  • How to Make Money with Your Music on YouTube - how to use YouTube’s Content ID system, work with a YouTube Partner Program Service, and earn ad revenue
  • How to Get Paid When Another Artist Samples Your Song
  • How to Raise Money from Your Fans with Crowdfunding
  • How to Host & Perform to Your Fans Online
  • How to Get Endorsed or Sponsored by Brands
  • How to Get Paid for Your Sheet Music
  • How to Exchange Your Song Downloads for Email Addresses
  • How to Grow Your Social Media Reach - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • How a Music Lawyer Can Help Boost Your Music Career
  • How a Cover Song Can Violate Copyright Law
  • How to Research Who Owns a Song
  • Common Music Licenses - mechanical license, master recording license, and sync license
  • Creative Commons - alternative way to copyright your music
  • Transfer of Copyright of Your Music
  • The Difference Between a Performing Right and a Mechanical Right
  • When Do You Need Permission to Sample Another Artist’s Music
  • How to Get Sample Clearance
  • What Constitutes Copyright Infringement
  • Digital Distribution Costs

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