Lynda Music Production Secrets Tips From Larry Crane [TUTORiAL]

Lynda Music Production Secrets Tips From Larry Crane
P2P | 10 January 2016 | 300 MB
Music Production Secrets is a weekly series with Tape Op magazine founder and Jackpot! Recording Studio owner Larry Crane. Every Friday, Larry provides a new technique for tailoring your effects, gaining sonic control, and opening new creative doors during mixing and tracking.
These tutorials work with any DAW, in almost every recording scenario, and are based on Larry's 20+ years of experience recording, producing, and mixing some of the world's best musicians, including Sleater-Kinney, The Decemberists, Elliott Smith, She & Him, Jolie Holland, and Stephen Malkmus. Tune in every week for another tip.

  • Tip1 Using izotope rx 4 gain control to remove lowend content on vocals
  • TIp2 Utilizing-eq-and-compression-on-reverbs
  • Tip3 Frequency-splitting-tracks-to-control-lofi-or-midrange-material
  • Tip4 Frequency-splitting-tracks-to-manage-bass-guitar
  • Tip5 Using-transient-shaping-plugins-to-alter-acoustic-guitar-in-a-mix
  • Tip6 Fades-applied-only-to-select-frequencies-with-eq-remove-amp-hum-etc
  • Tip7 Fades-applied-only-to-select-frequencies-with-rx-4-remove-amp-hum-etc
  • Tip8 Staggered-creative-song-fadeouts
  • Tip9 Reverb-and-effects-automation-via-track-duplicate-and-parallel-processing
  • Tip10 Using-stem-mixes-to-make-alternate-mixes
  • Tip11 Using-delay-to-hide-shaky-pitch
  • Tip12 Using-delay-to-add-drumbeats
  • Tip13 Creating-automatic-double-tracking
  • Tip14 Making-guitar-solos-stand-out-in-a-mix

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