Precisionsound Knutby Church Organ [MULTiFORMAT]

Precisionsound Knutby Church Organ
FANTASTiC | 16 June 2016 | 1.47 GB
Knutby is a small village in the centre of Uppland (Roslagen), Sweden, famous for its beautiful 13th century church. The organ was built in 1995 by Johannes Menzel, based upon a previous Gustav Andersson organ from 1867.

All pipes for each Stop combination were recorded with note and release tail, close miked.
In postproduction some pipes were excluded, others re-tuned and the noise-floor of the fan system was removed from the recordings with the latest restoration tools. All notes have been seamlessly looped and the length of notes is long so in most circumstances you will never reach the loop points while playing.

The Knutby Church Organ contains:

  • 1502 24-bit stereo WAV files
  • 24 programs for Kontakt 3+ with scripted interface
  • 15 programs for Kontakt 1+
  • 15 programs for EXS24
  • 15 programs for HALion

The combination of Stops recorded are:

  • BM Basun 16 Fot
  • BM Octava 8 Fot
  • LM All Stops (-Trompet 8 Fot_Scarf 3 chor)
  • LM Dubbelfleut 8 Fot
  • LM Dubbelfleut 8 Fot_Octava_Tackfleut 4 Fot
  • LM Principal 8 Fot
  • LM Principal 8 Fot_Octava 4 Fot
  • LM Trompet 8 Fot
  • UM All Stops
  • UM Fugata 8 Fot
  • UM Fugata_Bedarkt_Unda Maris 8 Fot
  • UM Principal 4 Fot_Fleut 2 Fot
  • UM Tvarfleut 4 Fot Tremulant
  • UM Tvarfleut 4 Fot
  • UM Vox Virginia 8 Fot

All notes are mapped from C1-F#5 stretched to C6 except the Basses that are mapped from C0-B0.
BM= Bass Manual LM= Lower Manual UM= Upper Manual.

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