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Audio Ease Altiverb 7 Impulse Responses

Audio Ease Altiverb 7 Impulse Responses
P2P | 25 October 2015 | 1.86 GB
Impulse responses sets intended for use in post production. These sets contain lots of sampled small rooms, cars, other interiors and also exteriors like streets, alleys sports stadiums and caverns. All impulse response are available in Mono and Stereo and most also in Quad (for surround).


Alcatraz prison
Peter Steinbach kindly shared the IR recordings he did in Alcatraz for all Altiverb users. Peter recorded three depths in the main cell block and some perspectives from the solitary confinement cell. He recorded using DPA 4006 omni mics and a Genelec 1031a speaker on a Deva 4 recorder.

World's biggest spring reverb (J. van Grieken)
Jochem van Grieken writes: "An experiment with extremely long spring reverbs. For this one I suspended 100 meters of 3.5mm galvanized steel in a long hallway. Audio Ease's initial reaction was 'oh my god: Yes'. And after we heard the output of this monster we thought: 'oh my god: Yes'. Recorded with 4 DPA 4006's for clarity and 4 Piezo's for the sounds in the wire.

Bob Marleys 1973 Bathroom.irbulk
Fattoria Musica.irbulk
Festspielhaus BadenBaden.1.irbulk
Gasholder Sneek 1.irbulk
Great Pyramid of Giza 1.irbulk
Hallgrimskirkja Reykjavik.irbulk
Hardenbergstrasse Berlin.irbulk
Harpa Eldborg Reykjavik.irbulk
Joseph Joachim Hall.irbulk
Kings College Chapel CambridgeUK.2.irbulk
Kings College Chapel CambridgeUK.irbulk
Lanxess Arena Koeln.1.irbulk
Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, Amsterdam, NL
Next Door III Coll 1.irbulk
Opera of Ghent 1.irbulk
Sallede Musique Chauxde Fonds.irbulk
SARM West Plates.irbulk
SARM West Studios.irbulk
Satsop Cooling Tower Bob Schwenkler 1.irbulk
Selimiye Mosque.irbulk
Selimiye Mosque 2.irbulk
Sound Kitchen studio A Nashville 1.irbulk
Sound Kitchen the big boy Nashville 1.irbulk
Subway tunnel, Noordzuidlijn.irbulk
Subway tunnel, Noordzuidlijn 2.irbulk
Wembley Stadium London 1.irbulk

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