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Tonsturm 01 Breaking Glass 192 kHz [WAV]

Tonsturm 01 Breaking Glass 192 kHz
Team MAGNETRiXX | 20 December 2013 | 3.4 GB
This soundpack features a big collection of very unique glass effect recordings. The sounds were captured during extensive recording sessions in the field and in a recording studio. All sounds were recorded, edited and mastered in High Definition Audio @ 24 Bit, 192 KHz.

With TONSTURM 01 | BREAKING GLASS you get 100 sound files containing over 500 different glass sound effects. We have collected all sorts of different glass types to make this soundpack possible. You will find hits, smashes, impacts, cracking, friction and a lot more, recorded from huge 4m² glasspanes security glass, insulated glass, laminated glass, wired glass, car windscreens and so on... (Check this link for xls file listing.)

One part of the recordings took place outside in the field during almost quiet nights, the other part in a foley recording studio in cologne. To capture the different sound performances some unique approaches have been taken. For example, the car windscreen recordings took place in the studio, where we used a Schoeps MS setup combined with a pair of C-Ducer frap mics attatched to the body of the car windscreen. The mixture of the two signals provided very nice, crisp and meaty sounds of breaking and ripping windscreen glasses. Additional smaller glass objects were also recorded in the Studio.

For the fieldrecording sessions we organized wind up tripods to lift the glass panes from the ground. The idea was to lengthen the period between the impact and the debris by a certain amount. This way we could capture very defined sound events. We believe the fact that this sound set was recorded in the free field plus the noticable gap between impact and debris make this soundpack special and highly flexible. Also listening to these 192 kHz recordings at lower pitches reveals a beauty of its own!

Recording Equipment:

2 x Sound Devices 702
Schoeps CCM41, CCM8 Combination
Sennheiser MKH30, MKH40 Combination
C-Ducer Tape Microphone (only for the windscreen recordings)

Price: 69 $
24 Bit 192kHz / over 500 Sounds / 1,79GB when unrar´d

All recordings are also available as 96kHz,
and as original MS and allready decoded MS to LR versions.
For clarification:
After proceding the purchase you will be provided with four download links:

192 kHz
Breaking Glass in MS @192kHz (1116.58 MB rar´d)
Breaking Glass allready Decoded MS to LR @192kHz (1160.29 MB rar´d)

96 kHz
Breaking Glass in MS @96kHz (546.97 MB rar´d)
Breaking Glass allready Decoded MS to LR @96kHz (589.04 MB rar´d)

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