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Mixed In Key v8.5.2325.0 CR2 / v8.5.3.4078 [WiN, MacOSX]

Mixed In Key
WiN: P2P | 23 May 2019 | 96.1 MB
MAC: TNT | 22 September 2019 | 11 MB
The best DJs prep their music files before they step on stage. Mixed In Key gives you powerful tools to quickly prepare your tracks for Serato, Traktor, Pioneer, Ableton and more. And it does everything visually to save your time.

Instantly see the best place to set your cue points. Mixed In Key also shows you where the melody starts and where the beat drops – right in the audio waveform. See the song structure of every track so you know what to expect when you're mixing.

World's Best Key Detection

Our algorithms crush the competition according to DJTechTools and Dubspot. Mixed In Key gives you confidence that your sets will sound professional to your audience and the promoters who book you to play. Use Mixed In Key for all the advanced DJ techniques in our

Control Your Crowd

Increase the impact of your DJ mixing using Mixed In Key's automatic cue points and patented Energy Level analysis. Tracks are automaticallly labeled from 1 to 10 on the Energy Scale. Grab the right next Track to move the dance floor the way you want.

DJ Satisfaction
When asked, "Would you recommend Mixed In Key to your DJ friends?", 97% of Mixed In Key customers from our website said YES.

Quick How-To Guide

What’s New
- Fixed crash that could occur when saving file tag items with unexpectedly large 'year' values.

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  • djyaro6
    25 May 2019 18:27
    • Mixed In Key v8.5.2325.0 - don't work. We can see only BPM
  • mtso
    25 May 2019 22:22
    • Mixed In Key v8.5.2325.0 - don't work. We can see only BPM
  • nino
    28 May 2019 14:45
    • Quote: mtso
      Mixed In Key v8.5.2325.0 - don't work. We can see only BPM

      me too
  • annony
    30 May 2019 14:58
    • Mixed In Key v8.5.2325.0 - don't work for me too
  • Almann
    17 June 2019 02:21
    • Mixed in Key v7.5.1.2376 for MAC doesn't work either...
  • onlydan
    14 July 2019 13:35
    • Get an error message when i run the patch on win
  • Legend
    16 July 2019 13:14
    • Quote: Almann
      Mixed in Key v7.5.1.2376 for MAC doesn't work either...

      Fixed !
  • uknodino
    29 July 2019 02:32
    • Doesn't even start up on PC.
  • finishppl
    18 October 2019 08:51
    • When analyzing a song it will give a status error, however the bpm does get measured. whats wrong?


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