Synaptic Machines Producing Music with Reason [TUTORiAL]

Synaptic Machines Producing Music with Reason
P2P | 11 June 2017 | 4 Hours | 4.27 GB
This video course shows you step by step how to produce music using Propellerhead Reason! It is packed with goodies that both beginner and intermediate level users will find extremely useful in all steps of the music production process: theoretical presentations, demos, screencasts, activities and invaluable tips and tricks dispersed all around the course.

The first section is to get beginners started: you will understand how Reason works, create your first devices, play and record your first notes, and apply your first effects.

The second section is the core of the course. Everything you need to know to produce your first music track in Reason. Together, we will produce a short music piece with beat, bass, pad, piano, effects and we will even design our own ear candy. We will also extensively look into mixing theory and apply what we learn on our little creation. This exercise will give you the tools to fly with your own creative wings.

The third section compiles videos on how to install and set up reason, so that you can enjoy music making without any technical difficulties.

The last section contains bonus videos tips to help you explore Reason further. For example a video contains a compilation of really indispensable keyboard shortcuts. Another will explain what are Rack Extensions and how to explore them (We will explore one together to show you). This section is aimed at being dynamic, more videos will be added with time depending on your feedback and your requests.

This course is aimed at beginners and intermediate level users. In addition, it only requires the Reason package: throughout this course, we will only use the devices part of the base package (except some videos in section 4).

This course will show you fantastic tools to explore your own musicality, so have a lot of fun following it!


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