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Accusonus Regroover Pro v1.7.84 [WiN, MacOSX]

Accusonus Regroover Pro
WiN: Team R2R | 29 October 2019 | 32.2 MB
MAC: P2P | 16 December 2019 | AU/VST | 105 MB
Regroover - Sampling Reimagined. Split your grooves and extract previously unreachable sound elements! Accusonus Regroover is an Artificial-Intelligence beat machine that extends traditional music sampling. Extract inspiring samples from your Layers, drag them into the kit Editor, combine them with external sounds and create inspiring Expansion Kits.

Use Regroover to:

  • Unmix your loops into distinct sound layers.
  • Get previously unheard sounds from inside your loops.
  • Craft the isolated beat elements and form your unique rhythmic signature.

Regroover Pro Only Features:

  • Grab the magic kick, snare or clap and place it on its own trigger pad.
  • Or Build your own Expansion Kit with any element inside your loop which makes for rapid-fire MIDI triggering of samples to make new beats and grooves.
  • Create Regroover Projects with both external and found sounds from inside your loops.

Who's It For?
Regroover is for music producers, beatmakers and DJs who use sampling, drum programming, and beat slicing to remix and compose.

Who should never use Regroover?
Musical snobs who don’t like fun sample manipulation tools and new ways to work with samples.

Team R2R Note: (v1.7.84)
NOTE : Because we haven't patched the signed binary, AAX works in legit PT.

MAC release Note: (v1.7.84)
Cracked, no keygen or website blocking required

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