Accusonus ERA-R v1.0.2 [WiN]

Accusonus ERA-R
Team R2R | 29 May 2017 | 22.2 MB
ERA-R: the first single-knob dereverberation plugin. Add clarity to your mixes, clean up your dialogue tracks and tighten up your music performances. ERA-R is the only plugin that attenuates or removes excessive reverberation with a single knob.

Based on the accusonus multi-patented audio restoration technology, ERA-R automatically estimates the reverberation profile and offers the means to adjust the reverberation amount in a streamlined interface.

Accusonus ERA-R Features

  • Repair location recordings
    Does your perfect recording suffers from a bad sounding room? Easily fix it with ERA-R
  • Clean up your dialog/voice tracks
    ERA-R automatically estimates the reverberation profile and adds precision to your mix
  • Tighten up your music performances
    Use five intuitive spectral presets to focus your processing in specific frequency bands
  • Change the direct/reverb balance in a mix
    Single-knob control of reverb: get exactly as much reverb as you want

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