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ISM Aroma v1.1.1 [WiN, MacOSX]

ISM Aroma
Team R2R | 31 May 2017 | 10.8 MB
Aroma is a newly developed Harmonic Processor creating analog charm in an unprecedented musical way. The four valve or tape like units add elegance to your audio material. Primarily designed for mastering, Aroma can also create astonishing changes to the character of vocals and instruments.

The additional Mid/Side processing options allow a decent and smooth fine tuning of the stereo base you won't get from any other software or hardware. We refrained from names like "tape simulation" or "valve" for the processing units.

Though Aroma's refinements are loosely related to such analog models - Aroma's variety is far beyond. The flavour controls relate to a wide variety of beauty, warmth and attractiveness. Aroma not only adds elegance to your music, Aroma makes it shine, sounding simply sensational.

Changes v1.1.1

► Two bugs have been fixed:
* Aroma AU and VST3 crashed on some computers when the knobs where moved.
* VST3 crashed instantly in Cakewalk Sonar.

Changes from version 1.0.0 to 1.1.0:

► New Features:
* Mono processing for AAX and AU.
* Aroma will no more let you switch to MS processing on a Mono track.
* numerical parameter editing.
* 3dB/18dB switches provide a wider range for in-/out attenuation.

► Changes:
* VST3 category is mastering now.
* AAX category has changed to harmonic.

► Fixes:
* the Pro Tools bypass button works now.
* the knobs in the Windows AAX don't jump to default on mouse-down anymore.
* under special circumstances unregistered Mac AAX started without showing the registration page first.
* the Windows 32-bit VST3's value displays are no more cut off at the top.

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