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Steinberg Cubase Artist v6.5.5 / v10.0.10 X64 [WiN, MacOSX]

Steinberg Cubase Artist
WiN: Zaka | 19 January 2016 | v6.5.5 | 253 MB
MAC: Zaka |10 January 2019 | 1.2 GB
Cubase Artist is more than simply a DAW engineered to the highest standards. Based on the same core technologies as Steinberg's Cubase, the streamlined Artist version offers great tools for composition, recording, editing and mixing at an exceptional price. Cubase Artist is the perfect choice for talented newcomers and seasoned musicians.

Steinberg Cubase Artist v10.0.10 X64 MAC OSX

  • Working crack for 64-bit Cubase Artist v.10.0.10 Mac version only. Installation.pdf or .rtf for installation steps.
  • Track count limitations are removed. There seems to be AAF import/export option and MP3 export seems to work.
  • There is one step more in installation to replace mediaservice file in Cubase 10 package to get it work. That additional step fixes some general crashes, and so enables to use HalionSonic SE 3 factory Content and some of Groove Agent SE 4 factory Content. It is so that those content needs to be accessed from plugin itself, cannot access them from general mediabay.
  • Cubase content folders need not to be renamed anymore, but if there were immediate constant crashes folder to rename is in previous version 9.5.41 instructions.
  • Channel strip FX compressor/limiter are not usable, and should not be activated in mix console. Render in place is not working.
  • Padshop and Retrologue works if there is active trial license in soft-elicenser.
  • Groove Agent SE 5 does not work, so Groove Agent SE 4 must be used:Groove Agent SE4
  • Deletion of Groove Agent SE 5 plugin is required before SE 4 installation.
  • If there are soft-elicense problems running Steinberg elc-helper:Steinberg elc helpersolves them. It always removes all licenses from soft-elicenser and creates new soft-elicenser with new serial number.

Steinberg Cubase Artist v6.5.5 WiN

Crack for the 32 and 64 bit version of Cubase Artist 6.5.5 (built on Jun 24,2013)

  • 1. Install Cubase 6.5 and then install 6.5.5 update
  • 2. Delete everything in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 6\VST3.
  • 3. Copy and replace patched file to the installation folder
  • 4. Start Cubase and choose the Artist version.
  • 5. Enjoy

  • 1. Install Cubase 6.5 and then install 6.5.5 update
  • 2. Copy and replace files from cubase 6 patch folder over to C:\Program Files
  • (x86)/Steinberg/Cubase6
  • 3. Remove surroundpanner.vst3 and LoopMash.vst3 from Cubase6/VST3 folder
  • 4. Start Cubase and choose the Artist version.
  • 5. Enjoy

Does not use SYNSOEMU.DLL, uses SYNSOHCK.DLL (Nuendo 6 beta emu) so it does not
conflict with SYNSOEMU.DLL in Windows/SysWOW64 folder, so if using any VSTis
using SYNSOEMU.DLL, they work

For those who appreciate.....
Cracked By Zaka

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  • murolilila
    23 October 2018 09:54
    • I hope the pro version gets crack soon. Thank you zaka1.
  • rokit5andsub
    3 November 2018 14:05
    • I got error. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library...
      ...request the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way...
      need help, thx!


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