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Arturia V Collection 5 v5.3.0 UNLOCKED / 2017.07.17 rev3c [WiN, MacOSX]

Arturia V Collection 5
WiN: TEAM R2R | 11 June 2017 | v5.3.0 UNLOCKED | 3.55 GB
MacOSX: iND | 28 July 2017 | 2017.07.17 rev3c | 5.92 GB
V Collection 5 by Arturia - 17 authentic recreations of the legendary synths, organs, electric pianos and more that made music history - enhanced to help you make tomorrow’s music.

V Collection 5 is your one-stop dream collection of the legendary keyboards behind many of the hits ranging from 60 years ago to 6 minutes ago. Our award-winning modeling technology faithfully reproduces the way the original components behaved, delivering the very soul of these instruments in a way that samples simply can’t.

We also took giant leaps in augmenting them with features the hardware inventors never dreamed of - like bringing polyphony to the mono synths you’ve always loved. With over 5000 designer presets, the included Analog Lab 2 makes it easy to harness all that power to find just the right sounds for your sessions and gigs.

V Collection 5 Main Features:

  • Includes 17 plugins:
    Analog Lab, Stage-73 V, VOX Continental V, Synclavier V, B-3 V, ARP 2600 V, Mini V, Piano V, Matrix-12 V, Farfisa V, Solina V, SEM V, Wurli V, Jup-8 V, CS-80 V, Prophet V, Modular V
  • Each virtual instrument in the V Collection can be used as a stand-alone application or as a VST, AU or AAX plug-in
  • All instruments share a common interface for browsing, editing (save, import, export, …)
  • High resolution graphic interfaces, compatible with very large displays
  • Redesigned browser for fast access to sounds
  • Easy install and licence manager : Arturia Software Center.
  • Easy MIDI mapping to any keyboard controller.
  • More than 5000 high-quality and innovative sound presets.
  • Analog Lab 2 - All presets of the V Collection 5 can be browsed and edited from a single interface
  • Arturia’s proprietary technology, TAE®, ensures that each analog modeling instrument sounds and behaves exactly like the original.

Arturia Analog Lab 2

Analog Lab 2 gives you instant access to over 5000 of the best designer sounds from the 17 authentic legendary keyboards in our critically acclaimed V Collection.

Arturia ARP2600 V

The ARP 2600 is one of the finest analog synthesizers ever made. With a unique combination of semi-modular architecture and fixed preset routing, it gave it the place of being one of the most versatile synths of the 1970's.

Arturia CS-80 V

CS-80 V is our modeled version of the legendary Yamaha™ CS-80, considered by many to be the ultimate polyphonic synthesizer of the late ‘70s.

Arturia B-3 V

The B-3 V delivers the most authentic tonewheel organ and rotary speaker experience you’ll find anywhere, plus customizations that open up new creative opportunities.


Farfisa V physically models the unique characteristics of the Farfisa combo organs that helped define the Top 40 sounds of the ‘60s - complete with enhancements that help you forge new sonic territory today.

Arturia JUP-8 V

Jup-8 V is a powerful addition to the family of analog synthesizer recreations by Arturia. Offering the unique sound palette of the Roland Jupiter 8, this virtual version is a sound designer's dream.

Arturia MATRIX-12 V

The massively powerful Oberheim Matrix-12 has been resurrected at last. Using our TAE™ modeling technology, we are able to recapture this beast of a synthesizer and bring it to you.

Arturia MINI V

From the starship funk lead lines of the ‘70s to the gangster whine of mid ‘90s hip-hop, the ever-present MiniMg has been making its fat presence known for over 4 decades.


Modular V is the one that switched on the synthesizer in popular music. Huge, massive, powerful, flexible all of this recreated in great detail for you.

Arturia PIANO V

The Piano V delivers, not one, but nine different world-class pianos that we’ve meticulously crafted using our critically acclaimed modeling technology.


The Prophet 5 and Prophet VS set standards and redefined the modern synthesizer. We have brought these classics back to life for you.

Arturia SOLINA V

We’re keeping the love alive with Solina V, our physical model of the classic Arp/Eminent Solina string machine. The Solina, made originally by Eminent and rebranded for Arp, defined a class of sounds that are still as in demand today as ever.

Arturia SEM V

A giant has come back to life. Oberheim's legendary SEM - Synthesizer Expander Module - is back for the first time as a high-end software emulation powered by Arturia's exclusive TAE® technology.

Arturia STAGE-73 V

The Stage-73 gives you actual authentic modeling of both Stage and Suitcase versions of the most popular electric piano on the planet - completed with unparalleled control of virtual mechanics, a complement of effects pedals, and built-in classic amps.


The Synclavier V faithfully recreates the elite digital synthesizer/workstation that started it all, powering some of the biggest hits and film soundtracks of the early ‘80s with its unique rich, edgy sounds.


VOX Continental-V brings back the classic sound of the famous VOX Continental 300 through our TAE® physical modeling technology.

Arturia WURLI V

Wurlitzer-V is Arturia’s amazingly accurate physical model of the classic Wurlitzer 200A electric piano.

What is TAE®?

TAE® is "True Analog Emulation" - Arturia's exclusive technology that accurately reproduces the tone, waveshape, tuning and other detailed characteristics of an analog synthesizer.

v5.3.0 Note:
    * Analog Factory 2 Editing
    * Sound Banks Store
  • BONUS:
    * MiniFilter V
    * All banks available at official Sound Bank Store.

Arturia V Collection 5 2017.07.17 MacOSX rev3c-iND:


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      Re-upload part 3 please. Where is the button for sending a re-upload request? Cannot find it on here anymore..

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      Quote: Furyan
      Re-upload part 3 please. Where is the button for sending a re-upload request? Cannot find it on here anymore..

      It's over top of ratings numbers IN THE MIDDLE !!



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