The Ultimate Guide To Strumming

The Ultimate Guide To Strumming
English | 2019 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B07PB6BBKY | 494 pages | AZW3 | 2 MB
This book is the solution…

In this book, you will find in-depth tutorials, a large library of over 100 audio examples, all the tab for each example and plenty more.

This book is the only resource you will ever need to be able to become a professional sounding strumming guitarist…

…where you will be able to strum with great tone, rhythm and timing, and never run out of interesting and fun strumming ideas.

Most Beginner Guitarists Are Very Frustrated By Their Ability To Strum

The first problem many guitarists encounter, is they are rarely taught how to strum with good technique. This means they often have a shrill, messy or jerky strumming sound which sounds and feels sloppy.

In this book, I will take you through the most common strumming mistakes that nearly all beginners make – and more importantly, I will teach you how to improve these areas right away!

Many Guitarists Learn One Or Two Strumming Patterns And Stop There – No Wonder They Get Bored!

They strum the same exact pattern in the same exact way and don`t actually feel much excitement or joy with their strumming.

There is a huge world of amazing things you can do with strumming but most guitarists never really learn how.

Like any skill, strumming takes practice, but the practice becomes much more enjoyable when you are given a clear path, explanations of what you need to do or avoid… and a proper plan to move forward.

The tools you will learn to use in this book will give you all of that and so much more.

Learn The Most Interesting And Useful Strumming Patterns Ever – And Learn How To Choose A Suitable One For Any Song!

Every guitarist should learn the core patterns. (There are actually 16 awesome and incredibly useful patterns taught in this book).

In this book, you will learn the most useful, inspiring and exciting strumming patterns ever created for the guitar.

Once you learn these, you will have a huge arsenal of fun and exciting rhythms and strum patterns that will make all of your music fun for the rest of your playing.

Discover The Secrets Of Great Strumming Such As Pick Strumming, Bass/Treble Strumming, Percussive Strumming And Much More.

These include learning techniques such as:

Pick strumming
Bass strumming
Percussive strumming
How to use “swing”
How to use “rests” to add massive energy to a pattern
Strumming Fills
Palm muted strumming
Bass runs and bass riffs
…and plenty more very cool techniques you would struggle to learn anywhere else.
Instead of endlessly searching YouTube and the internet for some good lessons, all of the lessons here are neatly packaged, taught in a proper order…

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