Patchbanks Nu-Grooves EP [AiFF]

Patchbanks Nu-Grooves EP
Team DECiBEL | 19 November 2020 | 138.6 MB
Nu-Grooves EP contains 90 loops of soulful electric piano melodies recorded live with high-quality studio gear. The recordings have a deep warmly natural tone played in various styles of chords, melody hooks and rhythms. The audio files are presented in three versions: direct in, phaser and envelope filter. This collection is suitable for producing mid-tempo grooves in the genres of soul-funk, rare grooves and world music.

Rating: Pro
Label: ASL
Release Version: Original
Genre: Vintage Soul
Related Genres: Soul-Funk, Rare Grooves
Audio Format: Loop
Compositions: 30
File Format: 24bit Aiff
File Size (unzipped): 199.3MB
Recording Sources: Electro-Acoustic
Audio Channels: Stereo
BPM Range: 100-120bpm
Performance Style: Chord, Licks
Instrument List: EP Keys
Content List: 90 audio files (x30 DI, x30 FX1, x30 FX2)

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