Truefire Andy Wood ShapeShifter Creative Applications [TUTORiAL]

Truefire Andy Wood ShapeShifter Creative Applications
P2P | 17 November 2020 | 3.57 GB
In the first edition of Shape Shifter, Andy Wood showed you how to take the fundamental harmonic and rhythmic knowledge that you already know and stylize it to fit into virtually any style.

In this Creative Applications edition, Andy dives deeper into 10 creative Shape Shifter approaches that you can put to use immediately in your own playing, improvisations, and compositions.

”For each of these Shape Shifter approaches, I’ll present a performance study and then break it down to clearly illustrate the creative application.

We’ll look at Hybrid Picking Riffs, Cross Picking Lines, and Rolling Licks, Interval-Based Melodies, Arpeggio-Based Melodies, Key Centers & Colors, Note & Tone Manipulation, and Navigating the Changes. I’ll also share some Faux Slide Licks with you and we’ll focus on Shapeshifting Country, Rock, Blues, and Jazz.”

In the final section of the course, Andy gives you a commentary for five of the songs off his Junktown record examining their origin and pointing out some of the creative and compositional approaches that he used himself.

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