Groove3 Pro Tools Editing Tips and Tricks [TUTORiAL]

Groove3 Pro Tools Editing Tips and Tricks
P2P | 31 October 2020 | 305 MB
Studio pro Patrick Coffin presents in-depth Pro Tools video tutorials! If you use Pro Tools, this series is a must-see. Watch how to edit in Pro Tools like a pro, and utilize tons of cool features and functions, as well as incredibly helpful tips and tricks for editing in Pro Tools. This series is for beginner to intermediate level Pro Tools users and is compatible with Pro Tools 2012 and higher.

Patrick welcomes you and discusses how the videos in this series will speed up your workflow, give your songs a nice polish before mixing your song, and allow you to be more creative. As a refresher, you'll also take a look at the general layout of the Edit Window in Pro Tools so you have a good understanding of the modes and tools you'll be using throughout the videos. Patrick then shows you how to optimize Pro Tools' Editing Preferences to make sure your Pro Tools system is optimized for efficient editing.

Throughout this comprehensive course, you'll learn things like how to navigate, zoom, and scroll efficiently in Pro Tools, how to use Strip Silence, Batch Fades, and other tools to clean up all your song's Clips with just a few clicks, and efficient use of Edit and Mix Groups.

Patrick then goes over how to use Playlists to comp together a perfect take, using Elastic Audio to change Tempo as well as timing, using Beat Detective to lock live drums to the Grid, MIDI editing and automation tricks, using Audiosuite plug-ins for creative edits and much more!

To see what these detailed Pro Tools tutorials show you, and how they'll take your editing skills up several notches, check out the individual Pro Tools video tutorial descriptions on this page. Become more efficient and creative when working in Pro Tools while making your tracks sound like a million bucks... Watch “Pro Tools Editing Tips & Tricks” today.

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