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E-MU Classic Series Vol.9 Psychic Horns [for Emulator X3]

E-MU Classic Series Vol.9 Psychic Horns
P2P | 21 October 2020 | 68.7 MB
This sample CD is a collection of brass sounds from renowned sound developer Jason Miles. Includes brass section, stabs, swells, falls, slides, and riffs.

Bank Listing:

01. Psychic Demo X
02. Funk Riff LW X
03. Power Combo SW X
04. Power Combo LW X
05. PowerCombo XL+RX
06. Long Sus SW
07. Long Sus LW
08. Long Sus XLR+R
09. Stabs SW
10. Stabs XLW+R
11. Short Stabs LW
12. Swells LRG+WDE
13. Swells SM+WD
14. Swells XL+R
15. Long Swells LW
16. Long Swells SW
17. Long Swells XL+R
18. Short Falls LW
19. Short Falls SW
20. Short Falls XL+R
21. Long Falls LW
22. Long Falls XLR+R
23. Long Falls SW
24. Slides XL+R
25. Slides L+W
26. Doubles SW
27. Doubles XL+R
28. Doubles LW

NOTE You need E-MU Emulator X3 v3.0.0 to use this soundset

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