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Splice Sounds Vocalcium by MYLK [WAV]

Splice Sounds Vocalcium by MYLK
Team Flare | 17 October 2020 | 127 MB
MYLK is a UK-based vocalist, singer, and producer blending the hyper energy of J-pop music with the textures, sounds, and forward-thinking production of eclectic electronica music. After producing a first batch of twinkly vocals with Varien, MYLK returns with a new pop-ready set of sounds.


  • 20 Attitude Vocal One Shots
  • 10 Attitude Vocal Chops
  • 10 Attitude Vocal Hooks
  • 14 Commercial Melodic One Shots
  • 15 Commercial Spoken One Shots
  • 10 Commercial Vocal Chops
  • 10 Commercial Vocal Hooks
  • 13 Kawaii Melodic One Shots
  • 15 Kawai Spoken One Shots
  • 10 Kawaii Vocal Chops
  • 10 Kawaii Vocal Hooks

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