Truefire Richard Hallebeek Chord Creativity Guidebook [TUTORiAL]

Truefire Richard Hallebeek Chord Creativity Guidebook
P2P | 07 October 2020 | 464 MB
Hi, I'm Richard Hallebeek and welcome to Chord Creativity Guidebook. In this course, I'll show jazz, rock, and blues players how to get more mileage out of their chordal playing. Most guitar players focus on soloing, while in real life, we play chords 90% of the time. I'll teach you how to use the scales you already know to create chords that are simple to use in every musical style.

Every player has been in a situation when you are playing live, jamming over one chord, with the soloist is playing multiple choruses of solos, and at one point you have no idea what chords to play anymore. With these concepts and performance examples, you'll be able to create a greater variety in your chord comping, giving you more options and a better insight. We'll create chords out of pentatonic scales and use a variety of concepts to create chords out of modes. You can also get cool sounds using the melodic minor scale as a basis for chords, or use octave shapes with a third in between. We'll dig into chords built of 4th intervals, as well as symmetric scales that will give you diminished chords, among others. I'll also show you some alternative shapes and creative ways to play them. Even within blues and rock, you have a lot of options to be inventive with these concepts.For every topic that I talk about, there's a live example of different songs I recorded throughout the years with Virgil Donati, Jimmy Johnson, Derek Sherinian, Brett Garsed, and Randy Brecker (and more). Those tracks are also included as jam tracks, giving you the opportunity to comp with those world class soloists. This is not about complicated theory - it's about making music in practical real-life situations; creative ideas you can put to work in no time flat.Richard Hallebeek would like to thank: Suhr guitars, Matt Picone and Fractal Audio, TC Electronic Pedals, Root Pedals, Hook amps, Nils Krook for guitar maintenance, Marco Bosch custom picks and Jam Origin Midi Guitar software. Photos by Moama.

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