Overloud Choptones Fend 68Prince Rig Library [Synth Presets]

Overloud Choptones Fend 68Prince Rig Library
Team R2R | 03 October 2020 | 300 KB
Fend 68Prince is the TH-U expansion library, created by Choptones, seeking to recreate the sound of a Fender 68 Custom Princeton Reverb.

When we first saw this amp, we immediately fell in love! We also discovered a great sounding tube device, aside from a gorgeous aesthetic! Even if it's equipped with a Celestion 10 inches speaker, we offer you a wide selection of capturing with lot of different cones as well. A really classy classic for the Rig Player this time.

The Fend 68Prince library contains 76 rigs, captured using the following gear*:


Fender Princeton 1x10 loaded with Celestion Ten30
Fender 1x12 loaded with Celestion Alnico Blue
Fender 2x12 loaded with Eminence Special Design
Custom 1x12 loaded with Jensen C12K
Mesa Boogie 2x12 loaded with Weber FC12
Mesa Boogie California Tweed 2x12 loaded with Jensen Blackbird Alnico
Mesa Boogie 1x12 loaded with Electrovoice EV12L

Shure SM57, SM58, Unidyne III
Sennheiser MD421, e609
Royer R121
Beyerdynamic M160
Neumann U87, KM184
AKG C414
Audiotechnica AT2035
Boosted with:

Xotic AC Booster
Xotic BB Preamp
Maxon OD808
Marshall Bluesbreaker

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