Splice Sessions Afro Cuban [WAV]

Splice Sessions Afro Cuban
Flare | 19 September 2020 | 1.05 GB
Cuba has a long history of influencing the music and culture of West Africa. It dates back from the 18th Century slave trade to the 1920s when record companies began marketing Cuban music in Africa. The genre really took off in the 1960s and ‘70s when the Cuban administration brought aid to West African countries gaining their independence from France, resulting in an influx of Cuban immigrants to Africa.

Recorded at Laboutique Studios in Dakar, this pack is a Senegalese take on the Afro-Cuban style. The result is a unique hybrid of Latin dance music and West African rhythms. Find horns, hand-made percussive instruments, acoustic and electric guitars, and more. Each sound in this collection will offer a dose of pure joy to your next production, whether its a guitar loop, a horn one-shot, or both.


· 92 Drum Loops
· 74 Melodic Stacks
· 5 Short Acoustic Guitar Phrases
· 3 Short Electric Bass Phrases
· 7 Short Electric Guitar Phrases
· 2 Short Electric Piano Phrases
· 5 Short Horns Section Phrases
· 9 Short Saxophone Phrases
· 10 Short Trombone Phrases
· 46 Acoustic Guitar Loops
· 8 Clarinet Loops
· 32 Electric Bass Loops
· 54 Electric Guitar Loops
· 27 Electric Piano Loops
· 1 Mandolin Loop
· 27 Saxophone Loops
· 1 Synth Loop
· 15 Trombone Loops
· 69 Drum One Shots (1 Cymbal, 5 Hats, 8 Kicks, 30 Percussion, 8 Snares, 16 Timbale, 1 Tom)
· 71 Melodic One Shots

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