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FluxWithIt FineLine Maschine Expansion [Maschine]

FluxWithIt FineLine Maschine Expansion
HORiZON | 01 January 2015 | 3.74 GB
FineLine is the brainchild of madman Flux302. This expansion brings you some of the absolute most insane cut through the mix banging drums and beat inspiring synths and instruments that have ever been used in Maschine. Using advanced layering techniques Flux302 has managed to bring drums to life, these drums will slice through your mix like a ginsu knife and have you chopping up beats in no time. Not only did Flux302 deliver on the drum side but he also included over 110 multi-sampled velocity layered instruments derived from some of the leading analog and hybrid hardware synthesizers including modular and boutique synthesizers. All sounds were recorded with the utmost quality and unique environments to provide truly unique character to your sound that can only come from authentic recordings.

Just take a look at what is all included and you will see you absolutely need this expansion in your Maschine arsenal.

Over 40 Maschine Groups
Over 110 Maschine Instruments
Over 300 unique drum samples

Detailed Breakdown

50 Kicks
78 Hi-hats
55 One-shots
51 Percussion
62 Snares
48 Sub kicks
15 Drum synth presets
25 Beat loops
19 Analog loops

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