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Ueberschall Electric Bass [Elastik]

Ueberschall Electric Bass
P2P | 30 August 2020 | 321 MB
Electric Bass
Drive it your way with Ueberschalls Electric Bass. These bass grooves provide a realistic, clean, distinctly human feel.

All recordings are effect-free leaving room for maximum rig / effect customization. The tonal source includes some of the most revered electric basses of all time: a '77 Fender Jazz Bass (with maple neck), a '78 Musicman Stingray, and a fretless '62 Fender Jazz Bass. Absolute purity of tone was achieved through a DI recording setup and use of the original pick-ups.

funk, soul, disco, house, pop, rock, beat, jazz, acid jazz, latin brazil, downtempo, lounge, easy listening and fusion.


- Pick, Slap, Finger. Thump
- Slides, Runs, Vibrato, Hammer

An in all we're sure you'll find this a satisfying bass loop environment for your productions. Helping to quickly achieve quality, creative, cooperative bass parts like never before.

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Funk, Soul or Trap Soul, Disco, Pop, Rock or Metal, Housе, Jazz or Blues, Downtempo

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