PUREMIX Matt Ross-Spang Episode 9 As Long As You Want Me Vocal Overdubs [TUTORiAL]

PUREMIX Matt Ross-Spang Episode 9 As Long As You Want Me Vocal Overdubs
SYNTHiC4TE | 28 August 2020 | 371 MB
Continuing with "As Long As You Want Me," Matt Ross-Spang and Eli "Paperboy" Reed shift gears and focus on the vocals

In this episode, Matt and Eli re-cut the lead and background vocals to get an intense, passionate, and incredible performance out of Eli.

See how Matt Ross-Spang:

Add Eli's background vocals to the choruses
Re-record the verses
Explains his approach to microphone placement on vocals
Talks about dealing with dynamic singers, and choosing the vocal chain based on the intention of the song
Discusses the importance of knowing when to stop playback during record and when to let it roll, no matter what
Comps vocal takes together from the live-off-the-floor takes and overdubs
Has Eli do the fade out on the rough mix on the console to reference in the final mix
Prints the live chambers and plates from Sam Phillips Recording
Join Matt Ross-Spang, Eli "Paperboy" Reed, The Hodges Brothers, Ken Coomer, and The

Masqueraders inside the legendary Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, TN, for an incredible recording event, from Start To Finish. Only on

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