Bullyfinger Analog Claps [WAV]

Bullyfinger Analog Claps
Flare | 25 August 2020 | 11 MB
The Handclap. Used in many different genres over just the past 40 years. Soul, disco, funk and neo-soul instantly come to mind. Right before the change from rhythm boxes to full fledged analog drum machines in the early 80's there was a need for a machine that would allow the user to dial in a clap sound and then trigger for live or studio use. Most of these machines filled that need. A few are now insanely rare.

These Analog units attempt to emulate the sound of a group of human hands clapping in unison. Each piece sounds distinctly different, while using no digital samples at all. Some being more of a primitive sound of a lo-fi drumbox and others achieving that classic disco and funk clap you've heard on many classic songs.


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