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Splash Sound Gentle Keys [KONTAKT]

Splash Sound Gentle Keys
0TH3Rside | 23 August 2020 | 668 MB
Gentle Keys - is a truly universal piano. We’ve recorded the instrument as clear and transparent as it’s possible, so you can add it to every mix - would it be jazz or cinematic sound-track . Additional patches with layering pads, strings, etc., prepared by professional composers will allow you to concentrate on work flow and don‘t be distracted by the search for the right sound.

Maximal detailing and natural sound of one of the best musical instruments of 20th century


Tone block
- We took care of a comfortable play on any midi keyboard. Just change the touch sensitivity of
the keys, if it is necessary.

Main block
- We have kept an opportunity to change the balance of microphones yourself for more precise
adjustment to your mix

Stereo block
- Сontrol the width of the stereo and pan?rama of your instrument without resorting to additional
tools of your DAW

Solid Bus Compressor
- In most cases, the compressor is simply necessary, we took care that you could add the required
level of compression without leaving the interface

Additional layers
- Add or completely turn off the sounds of the piano mechanics to your taste. And also control the
mixing of the padding layer (in additional patches)

3band EQ
- Three-band equalizer. The instrument required in the mixing

Vintage Tape Saturator
- Add more heat to your piano using tape saturation or turn off the unit if you are looking for
a more modern sound

  • 1.03 GB uncompressed
  • Requires KONTAKT v5.6.5

Many thanks to 0TH3Rside for providing this release!

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Classic, Pop, Electronic, Jazz or Blues

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