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VSTbuzz The Showroom Violin [KONTAKT]

VSTbuzz The Showroom Violin
0TH3Rside | 22 August 2020 | 3.34 GB
The Showroom Violin is a gorgeous solo violin sample library, featuring a massive 14 individual articulations and 5 different microphone positions.

This is a incredibly flexible, intimate and beautiful instrument that can easily stand out in a track on its own, making it perfect for film, game & TV composers, pop, rock and so much more!

The Showroom Violin offers 5 completely different microphone positions to choose from. Load all or just some of them to create a dryer / wetter sound as desired. The microphone positions on offer are:

- Large diaphragm condensor
- Small diaphragm condensor
- Ribbon mic
- Vintage mic
- Ambient mic

Along with a range of microphone positions, we’ve also included 18 beautiful reverb IRs to choose from, ranging from rooms and halls to chambers and arenas.


* Legato articulations:

- Slurred Legato – changing notes with the finger only (not bow) for a smooth transition
- Bowed Legato – changing notes with the finger and bow, for a more noticeable change , (mix with slurred legato for a realistic performance)
- Polyphonic – play multiple notes together at the same time

* Shorts

- Col Legno – striking the string with the stick, rather than hair of the bow
- Pizzicato – plucking the string
- Spiccato – bouncing the bow on the string
- Slides Up – sliding up to the note

* Long articulations:

- Sul pont – bowed near the bridge to give more harmonics / nasal tone
- Tremolo – single note played repeatedly with the bowe
- Harmonics – natural harmonics created by lightly touching the string with the finger an octave above the fingered note , (light and ethereal sound)
- Trills S-Ton – rapidly alternating between two notes, a semitone above the played note
- Trills Ton – rapidly alternating between two notes, a tone apart
- Trills Min3 – rapidly alternating between two notes, a minor 3rd apart
- Trills Maj3 – rapidly alternating between two notes, a major 3rd apart

* The Showroom Violin is perfect for film/TV/game underscore, pop, rock and anything that requires a beautiful, lush solo violin!


- 14 articulations to choose from
- 5 microphone positions on offer
- Natural vibrato recorded for a realistic sound
- 18 additional reverb IRS with “size” and “amount” controls
- 10,000 samples recorded
- 3.37 gig uncompressed
- One single patch – no constant switching patches for different articulations
- NCW compression to reduce file size (full size 5GB before compression)
- Requires KONTAKT v5.6.5 or higher

Many thanks to 0TH3Rside for providing this release!

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Cinematic, Orchestral, Pop, Rock or Metal

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