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Splice Originals Molly Moore Ecstasy Vocals [WAV]

Splice Originals Molly Moore Ecstasy Vocals
P2P | 21 August 2020 | 381.80 MB
New York native Molly Moore is a singer, songwriter, and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. One half of the progressive pop duo Cosmos & Creature with EMAN8 (Brandyn Burnette), Moore has seen strong support of her solo career. Inspired by icons such as Aretha Franklin, Alanis Morissette, Beyonce, and Gwen Stefani, Moore leans into her powerful vocal prowess and introspective lyricism alongside lush musical landscapes. In this pack, you'll find a variety of hooks including soulful pop vocals, warped vocal atmospheres, granular synthesis vocal elements, riffs, R&B harmonies, and adlibs.

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