Udemy Advance theory of music (Part-2) [TUTORiAL]

Udemy Advance theory of music (Part-2)
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This is a tutorial of music theory for intermediate or higher level music students.

(If you are a beginner, then you should check out the theory of music part-1 tutorial, it is free.)

Who want to know musical terms to writing music in proper way.

I focused on teaching the advance contents of musical terms melody and harmony.

How to write bass line and use of triad and broken chord during music arrangement.

You will learn the writing melody and harmony by the end of the lecture.

What you'll learn:

Advance musical terms.
What are Degrees and triads, How it make?
How to Write bass line given melody?
Use of triad in the melody
Arpeggios and Broken chords
How to transfer piano music to final instruments?
Chord progression- primary chord and other.
Passing notes - how to use passing note?
Similar and Contrary motion, difference in sound.
Inversion of triads- Root position, first inversion and second inversion,
Labelling the chords- Roman numerical and chord symbols.
Cadences (perfect, plagal and imperfect)
Revision - Whole syllabus in short.
Finally - some questions were asked from the syllabus to improve music knowledge.

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Music Theory

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