Splice Sound Sessions Afro Psychedelia [WAV]

Splice Sound Sessions Afro Psychedelia
P2P | 06 August | 454 MB
Afro Psychedelia is a subgenre of music that was exported from African culture, remixed in the West, then re-imported back to Africa, where it was taken to a whole new level.

Blues and rock music originated in Africa but took new forms when it reached America. Jimmy Hendrix, Chuck Berry, James Brown, and other African American rock musicians put their twist on it. Psychedelic rock is one of the most notable subgenres from this movement. When it made it’s way back to Africa, native musicians added flavor with traditional instruments, pushing the psychedelic sound even further. African countries like Senegal, Nigeria, and Zambia saw a rise in what became known as Afro Psychedelia.

Dakar-based Pape Armand Boye was the perfect person to capture the sounds of the genre and the era it represents. The loops were recorded in the style of classic African psychedelic rock from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Much like the genre as a whole, these loops present a mix of rock & roll, blues, funk, and Afrobeat. You’ll hear the heavy influences of artists like Amanaz, Moussa Doumbia, MonoMono, and Bongos Ikwue in this pack. Take a trip into the psychedelic sounds of 1970s Africa.

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