Hands-On Music Theory by Richard Wentk

Hands-On Music Theory by Richard Wentk
2014 | ISBN: 1305108949 | English | 208 pages | True PDF | 3 MB
If you're like many musicians, composers, and songwriters, you've probably tried to learn music theory in the past – but you've been put off by stuffy books filled with archaic concepts and fossilized instruction methods. It's time for a fresh approach. In Hands-on Music Theory, you'll learn practical, contemporary music in contemporary terms – without all the nostalgia for classical methods that are hundreds of years old. Written in friendly, easy-to-understand language, and illustrated with examples that draw on modern tools such as keyboard and fretboard diagrams, this book offers practical, hands-on, easy-to-grasp instruction on key points of modern pop, rock, jazz, and electronic music theory. Throughout, you'll find the instruction aided by familiar musical references, and URLs where you can check out examples online. As author Richard Wentk promises in the book's introduction, you will learn to “think creatively about your own music and get a better feel for the details that matter when writing, arranging, and producing.” Learn today's music theory in today's language, with Hands-On Music Theory.

  • Chapter 1: The Keys to Music
  • Chapter 2: A Sense of Scale
  • Chapter 3: Chords and Colors
  • Chapter 4: The Pulse
  • Chapter 5: The Bass
  • Chapter 6: The Hook and the Solo
  • Chapter 7: The Shape
  • Chapter 8: Examples and Cliches
  • Appendix A: Chords, Scales, and Modes
  • Appendix B: Ears, Dots, and Math
  • Appendix C: Glossary

Richard Wentk writes regularly for music technolohy magazine and is the author of more than 10 books about creative technology. He has performed at electronic music festivals in the U.K. and Europe and is founder and lead developer of, atechnology startup that builds music theory into apps and software applications.

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