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Joey Sturgis Conquer ALL IR Volume 1

Joey Sturgis Conquer ALL IR Volume 1
P2P | 08 October 2017 | 1.8 MB
Conquer All is a set of 35 Impulse Responses available both raw and mixed in .wav file format. The pack is comprised of impulses responses made with:

  • 3 Cab Types
  • 3 Head Types
  • 3 Preamp Types
  • 6 Different Microphones

All impulses are phase accurate and aligned for impulse response blending. These impulses pack the ultimate versatility, conquer all of your guitar tones with Conquer All now!

"Hooooly shit man! This is the first time a producer Impulse Response has fit straight into a mix for me. I threw it onto my generic test mix session and it sounds fabulous!" - Drewsif Stalin

Special thanks to Francesco Filigoi for the awesome guitar-only examples.

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