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ARIA Sounds Celtic Harp [KONTAKT]

ARIA Sounds Celtic Harp
0TH3Rside | 19 July 2020 | 479 MB
Aria's "Celtic Harp"is our first traditional, folk sounding instrument, outside the realms of standard classical music. This was sampled in a completely different room to the our other instruments released so far.

The harp was recorded in a very warm and soft sounding room, for a much more intimite and pleasing sound. It has also been recorded in such a way that it can easily be applied to all sorts of mixes and styles of music and fit wonderfully with other instruments. beautiful Celtic harp - sampled in a warm pleasing room that compliments the instrument's sound.

: Three True Dynamic Layers

With three true dynamic layers and up to nine variations per note the Aria Celtic Harp delivers a very realistic and controllable instrument.


- 3 Dynamic levels
- Up to 9 variations per note
- Velocity mapped dynamics
- 862 meg uncompressed
- Requires KONTAKT v5.6.5 or higher

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Orchestral, Classic

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