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Sonokinetic Carillon v1.3.0 [KONTAKT]

Sonokinetic Carillon
P2P | 17 May 2020 | 7.19 GB
Recording these Carillon bells was a challenge, but one which we relished. These are real clock tower bells weighing up to half a ton on the biggest set, so it's a very powerful sound which we captured in great detail. Once we had managed to get these large bells into the studio (with the help of some heavy lifting equipment) we set about recording them with two different mallet types.

We also captured a rubbed articulation, with a sustained rub around the outside of the bell, either the sound bow or the waist, depending on the size of the bell. Although the strong and stoic timbres here are perfect for dramatic hits, we also recorded plenty of softer strikes which can sound extremely melodic when you play at lower velocities.

With the onboard options for sound shaping and reversed articulations, our Carillon ended up being far more versatile than we had ever imagined.

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This comprehensive bells collection comprises four libraries: Bowls, Carillon, Chime and Sleigh Bells 2. All recorded in our bespoke AMS studio, these varied instruments shine when played together, with a cohesive tone to create one of the most musical and magic collections that we've ever recorded.

Our talented demo writers took inspiration from these four libraries to compose some of their very best cues, really bringing out the versatility and vitality of these bells instruments.


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