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Sonokinetic Chime v1.3.0 [KONTAKT]

Sonokinetic Chime
P2P | 17 May 2020 | 2.26 GB
Finding the right bells for Chime sent us on a magical mystery tour to source authentic antiques. We didn’t want to record factory machined bells but rather remastered hand-cast copies of original clock bells from 17th and 18th century clocks.

This collection features designs from the chime bells of Dutch Amsterdam Standing clocks, French Pendules, Comtoises, Dutch Grand Father clocks, Bracket clocks, Carriage clocks and large watch bells.

We just love the sound of these bell chimes and each one of them is unique. They are made from a alloy of silver and bronze and hand-tuned to retain the vintage character. The clarity of these bells surpasses those that are usually used for orchestral bell trees and we’re proud to have remade and recorded them.

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This comprehensive bells collection comprises four libraries: Bowls, Carillon, Chime and Sleigh Bells 2. All recorded in our bespoke AMS studio, these varied instruments shine when played together, with a cohesive tone to create one of the most musical and magic collections that we've ever recorded.

Our talented demo writers took inspiration from these four libraries to compose some of their very best cues, really bringing out the versatility and vitality of these bells instruments.


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  • Marc1969
    18 May 2020 00:34
    • I will download the whole library again..but could you please be so kind & generous to upload the update only in a separate link? Thank You guru


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