Udemy 2 Weeks To Guitar | The Ultimate Beginners Guitar Course [TUTORiAL]

Udemy 2 Weeks To Guitar | The Ultimate Beginners Guitar Course
P2P | 09 February 2020 | 4.71 GB
Want to blow the dust off of that old guitar sat in your attic?
Looking for a wonderfully rewarding hobby?

This course will give you the fundamentals and foundations of guitar playing, everything from basic chords to scales, techniques and even a song writing masterclass (and everything in between).

My beginners guitar course is perfect if you want to learn from the comfort of your own home, on your own or with someone else!

Throughout the duration of this 3.5 hour course, you will be given the essential tools to get started playing guitar. Those tools include:

- Being able to confidently play a variety of open chords, power chords, bar chords and complex chords (major and minor 7th chords).

- Knowing how to write your own songs and the creative processes that go along with that.

- Understanding the anatomy of a guitar, how to tune it up and how to change your strings.

- Being able to confidently play simple licks and jam with other guitarists or backing tracks.

- Learning important guitar techniques like the bend, the slide, the double stop, palm muting and the hammer-on.

- Understanding what scales are, how they work, how to play them and to use them to improvise over 12-bar-blues sequences.

+ Much more!

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