Udemy Play Piano by Ear Today! SuperCourse [TUTORiAL]

Udemy Play Piano by Ear Today! SuperCourse
P2P | 09 January 2016 | 11.4 GB
The Ultimate Piano Chording and Ear Training Course.

Have you ever wanted to play Piano, but didn’t think you have the time or didn’t want to waste YEARS of your life taking private lessons just to play Beethoven and stuff you don’t even listen to?

What you really need is a way to learn Piano at your own pace that will allow you to begin playing REAL songs that you love almost immediately – with the “Play Piano by Ear Today!” SuperCourse!

In this course, you’ll learn the key ingredient to any modern song – chords. The real secret to piano is that ALL modern music is made from patterns called chord progressions that you can easily learn to identify. In fact, Most songs only utilize 2 to 5 simple chords and there are only a handful of patterns to choose from.

This SuperCourse combines a thoughtful mixture of practical music theory and techniques - with ear training and relative pitch exercises in a Fun, Progressive manner.
You’ll learn to
Take Any Chord Sheet and Use it on the spot
Learn fun Bass patterns and harmonic embellishments
Play in all popular Rhythm signatures
Identify Common Patterns in Everyday Music so you can play from memory
Figure out chords in unfamiliar keys using simple chord rules
We even have several Jam Tracks so you can play along as you learn more chords and more interesting techniques! Not only that, with each of our short, info-packed lectures, you’ll learn another essential skill that you can immediately take and use.
Whether you just want to learn in minutes how you can take a chord sheet and instantly play your favorite songs OR you want to learn the Secrets of musicians who can play by ear, this is the course for you.

What are the requirements?
NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED (Except the English Language and your ABC's)
It Would Greatly Help to Get a Piano or Keyboard to Follow Along (But Not Required Initially)

What am I going to get from this course?
  • Over 77 lectures and 5.5 hours of content!
  • Play Songs On the Piano/Keyboard with Chords
  • Identify Patterns In Music From the Radio or From Your Mind
  • Distinguish Between Majors and Minors, 7ths, 6ths - ALL Main Chord Patterns!
  • Take Any Chord Sheet and Utilize It
  • Figure Out A Special Chord In A Key You're Not Familiar With - Using Simple Chord Rules
  • Fine Tune Your Ear to Understand Interval and Chord Patterns
  • Play in Several Rhythm Signatures

What is the target audience?
This Piano Course is meant for anyone who wants to dive in and learn how to play their favorite songs without having to learn to read sheet music.
You need this course if you've seen the YouTube viral videos on 4 Chord Songs, but want to understand how you too can learn a few chords and then be able to jam with your musician friends
If you want to join a band but don't know anything about Piano. . . grab this course.
This course is probably not for you if you're looking to learn about sheet music and more advanced music theories. We want to show you how to play songs you hear on the radio and your favorite albums, not necessarily Bach or Beethovin.
If you've taken boring piano lessons before but HATED it - this is not like that. This is engaging, interesting, and most importantly quick and easy!
If you already can read sheet music or have memorized piano pieces, but would like to be able to play by ear and play a song quickly and easily, grab this course! Once you learn the secrets of chording, you'll see it's so very easy to pick up - that a great veil has been lifted and you can finally see!

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