Ask Video Audio Concepts 102 Audio Processing Basics [TUTORiAL]

Ask Video Audio Concepts 102 Audio Processing Basics
Team AUDIOSTRiKE | 18 June 2014 | 246 MB
This course builds on your understanding of sound with a professional look at audio processing in today's recording environment. Join trainer Joe Albano and learn all about audio in this detailed 25-tutorial course.

This second course in our Audio Concepts series, is focussed on the complicated science of audio processing. It explains the concepts, terminology and applications that all audio professionals need to know and have in their audio toolbox. It includes deep studies on Levels, Gain-staging, Panning, EQ and all of the Dynamics processors and how these audio forces come together in recording, mixing and mastering music.

This course is filled with graphs and custom animations to help simplify complicated audio processing theory. It also goes through every aspect of audio, giving you detailed audio examples and letting you listen to how all these processing techniques work.

So if you’re looking to fully understand audio processing, spend some time exploring this in-depth course and all of the courses in our ever-expanding Audio Concepts series.

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