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Push Button Bang Rise 2 Beyond Noise FX [WAV]

Push Button Bang Rise 2 Beyond Noise FX
AUDIOSTRiKE | 12 August 2015 | 852 MB
Push Button Bang presents Rise 2: Beyond Noise fx.

A unique collection of exotic noise and special effects to create tension and release in your audio productions and Ableton sets.

The original Rise collection has proven to be one of the most popular FX collections at loopmasters.

This new instalment pushes the boundaries of exotic noise, providing 580 original FX sounds, perfect for all forms of modern music and media production.

Whizzing, exploding, collapsing and ascending, all can be used collaboratively or individually, creating intricate and motionful crescendos, BIG FX moments, cinematic impacts and energetic musical transitions with drag and drop simplicity.

Rise 2 is the easy way to form complex noise elements and is guaranteed to add new dimensions of energy and movement to your audio productions.

Whats new in Rise 2:

  • Build Noises, Tonal transitions and impact sweeps: Short crescendos for quick energetic transitions, both simple noise sweeps and complex, layered movements for depth and energy.
  • Cymbal and Tom crescendos: One important and often over looked overlooked effect in all musical production is the cymbal crescendo. Rise 2 features 50 different cymbal crescendos recorded on 6 industry standard cymbals, giving varying lengths, suspenses and energies for the cymbal rise, this is extremely useful for all transition work. Also included are 40 Tom crescendos played on 5 different Tom drums. These are excellent for creating suspenseful moments for promos, emotional moments and breakdowns
  • Impact variations: You will find hundreds of impacts ranging from Deep booming sub cinematic hit, implosions and explosions, thunder strikes, cinematic percussion, layered complex strikes of myriad description, tonal musical impacts and much more.
  • Abstract Noise fx: Longer noise fx created using differing techniques of synthesis with artificial and organic noise combinations
  • Complex noise loops: Rythmic, Ducked Complex noise rhythms and rich noise pieces edited seamlessly.
  • Organic noise crescendos and instruments: Builds and noise sounds created using real world instruments and found sound recordings.
  • White noise brushes and Transitions : The staple of all standard EDM noise fx, you will find all manner of white noise transition elements with varying processing, filters modulations, curves, lengths and delays.
  • Stops and drops: Quick laser stops, slow down fx and more.
  • Motion twists, Rises and Falls: A massive variety of motional exotic noise elements, to create amazing special fx quickly and simply.
  • Timed Synth Risers and Falls: 50 highly usable BAR TIMED rise and fall sequences. Set at 128 bpm and offering 2, 4, and 8 bar builds - noise based , tonal , rythmic and combinations of all.
  • While there are a lot of collections that claim they deliver the goods, Rise 2 stands out from the crowd, offering incredibly high quality royalty free sounds and an unbeatable price. PBB prefers to let the sounds do the talking, so check the demos, download and see why this is THE noise FX collection you will be using in ALL your productions.


  • 580 Exotic Noise Fx Wavs
  • 07 Tonal Cymbals
  • 53 Deep Impacts
  • 20 Tonal Impacts
  • 73 Motion Twists
  • 20 Noise Loops
  • 16 Organic Noise Instruments
  • 50 Synth Risers and Fallers
  • 10 White Noise Brushes
  • 50 Cymbal Crescendos
  • 36 Complex Impacts
  • 30 Edge Impacts
  • 40 Motion Rise and Falls
  • 32 Noise Abstractions
  • 10 Organic Noise Crescendos
  • 20 Stops and drops
  • 40 Tom Crescendos
  • 47 White Noise Transitions

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