Hyperbits Masterclass (Live sessions 2019) [TUTORiAL]

Hyperbits Masterclass (Live sessions 2019)
P2P | 08 August 2019 | 15.7 GB
Conquer advanced music production by learning how to mix and master like the pros, rapidly increase your output, improve your workflow & creativity – and have fun doing it – with fellow producers in a cutting-edge online school.

- WEEK 1 -
Ultimate Producer Setup & Finishing Music
Secrets to Finishing Music Fast
Eliminating Writer's Block
Using Sample Packs & Soundbanks
Proper Plugins & Synths Setup
Acoustics, Treatment, Computers & Interfaces

- WEEK 2 -
Writing, Composing & Creating Musical Ideas
Sound Design, Signal Flow & Synthesis
Writing Chord Progressions
Composing Memorable Melodies
Advanced Harmony & Arrangement
Music Theory Hacks & Composition Secrets

- WEEK 3 -
Advanced Mixing: Processing Chains Part 1
Gain Structure & Volume Rules
Proper use of Saturation & Distortion
Reductive & Additive EQ Workflow
Compression Theories & Techniques
Side-Chain Compression Secrets

- WEEK 4 -
Advanced Mixing: Processing Chains Part 2
Advanced Reverb Techniques
Stereo Imaging, Panning, Width & Depth
Limiting & Loudness Secrets
Art of Layering: How to Properly Layer Sounds
Advanced Layering Examples & Workflows

- WEEK 5 -
Advanced Mixing: Bring Your Productions to Life
Game Changing Mixing Tips & Tricks
Creating Movement, Energy & Life In Your Music
Ear Candy Effects & Processing
Creating Atmosphere, Dynamics & Tension
Advanced Rhythm, Drums & Programming

- WEEK 6 -
The Art of Vocal Production
Vocals & the EDM Top Line Industry
Recording, Editing, Comping, Tuning & Mixing Vocals
Creative Vocal Processing & Editing
Vocal Chop & Melodyne Masterclass
Working with Remix Vocals & Acapellas

- WEEK 7 -
The Secrets of Mastering? & Stem Mastering
Loudness & Referencing Techniques
Proper Use of Mastering Mid-Side EQ
Mastering Compression & Multi-Band Compression
Limiting, Metering, LUFS & Proper Reference Levels
The Art & Workflow of Stem Mastering

- WEEK 8 -
Marketing Your Music
Do's & Don'ts: How to Sign With Labels
Spotify, Hype Machine & Social Media Strategies
Create Full Marketing Funnels & Utilize Email Marketing
Success Secrets to Building a Team
The Art of Branding & Building an Image

This is not pre-recorded lessons but live lessons. It's going further than recorded lessons.

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