Advanced Jazz Guitar Improvisation: Learning To Play The Changes (By the Root)

Advanced Jazz Guitar Improvisation: Learning To Play The Changes (By the Root)
English | 2019 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B07S9T5Y6W | 65 Pages | PDF | 4 MB
Do your solos and improvisations lack direction?

Would you like to enhance and ultimately perfect your ability to create and play the resolutions you hear? Then Ryan Belisle's Advanced Jazz Guitar Improvisation is your next lesson.

Advanced Jazz Guitar Improvisation is a simple lesson designed to specifically help the student develop a framework for improvising over common chord progressions and their alterations.

Ryan's simple approach begins with an in-depth analysis into the 4 different chord types that make up the harmonized major scale.

It is from this analysis that Ryan develops his easy to learn Resolution Patterns. Ryan then places these Resolution Patterns into basic Resolution Rhythms perfectly aligning specific targeted chord intervals that are used to resolve chord progressions rhythmically.

Once these building blocks are in place Ryan then highlights the most common chord progression alterations and develops flexible techniques to deal with these changes.

Techniques like: The Octave Jump, The Same Note, Prolonging the Resolution, The Descending Scale, 1st?Inversion Arpeggios and many more...

Ryan's ability to explain and breakdown complex concepts by creating simple step by step lessons will make learning how to play the changes clear and easy.

Written in both notation and TAB, if you have been looking to add creativity and direction to your improvisations then Ryan's Advanced Jazz Guitar Improvisation is the next lesson for you!!

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