Ian Vargo Mixing Pop [TUTORiAL]

Ian Vargo Mixing Pop
FANTASTiC | 05 May 2019 | 5.74 GB
Learn tips, tricks and techniques for creating a great sounding pop mix. Polished vocals, hard-hitting drums, exciting effects, lush synths, competitive loudness and more - you'll learn it all.

Ian Vargo teaches you how to craft a great sounding pop mix, starting with unpacking the producer's rough mix and taking it all the way to polished professional-sounding record.

  • Learn useful tips and tricks for organizing your sessions prior to mixing so you can set yourself up for success in the mix.
  • Learn how to transparently fix any pitch and tuning problems using Auto-Tune and Melodyne.
  • Learn how to bring your mixes to life by creating lush and ethereal reverb and delay sounds.
  • Learn how to create a bold and competitive sounding mix with effective master buss processing.
  • Learn how to identify timing problems and edit performances so they sit in the pocket of the groove.
  • Learn how to get more impact, excitement and punch out of your drums with various augmentation techniques.
  • Learn a variety of creative processing techniques utilizing saturation, modulation, mid-side EQ and more.
  • Learn a myriad of automation tips and tricks to help you achieve an exciting and dynamic mix.

5+ Hours of Training
Ian walks you through the ins and outs of how a professional mix engineer prepares and mixes two modern pop records.

2 Different Songs
Ian uses two songs to teach so you can get various perspectives on multiple sub-genres within pop music.

Multitracks Included & More
Multitracks are included for both songs so you can practice alongside the videos and apply what you learn. You'll also get a companion PDF on mixing philosophy and an index file so you can easily jump around the videos.

  • Create a lush modern pop vocal that cuts through the mix
  • Tips for effectively using EQ, compression, effects & more
  • Multi-buss processing for ultimate flexibility in your mixes
  • A trick that makes drum samples sound better in every mix
  • Techniques for mixing electric, acoustic and bass guitars
  • Drum augmentation techniques for hard-hitting drum sounds
  • How to organize your mix sessions and templates for success
  • Effective parallel processing and sidechain compression
  • Utilize the “waves” technique to supercharge your workflow
  • Advanced techniques with multiband, mid-side, sidechain and more
  • How to clean up and mix different types of background vocals
  • Utilize saturation to add excitement, character and grit your mix
  • Effective master buss processing for loudness and cohesion

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      can't unrar it, seems there is no data

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