Truefire Guitar Lab Funk Guitar Studies Vol.2 [TUTORiAL]

Truefire Guitar Lab Funk Guitar Studies Vol.2
P2P | 05 February 2019 | 718 MB
This course continues with our exploration of how to create funk guitar parts. You'll learn specific guitar parts that are isolated in the jam tracks, and will also be provided with an opportunity to create your own parts utilizing the theory and playing examples that are presented throughout this course.

All the principles presented in these lessons will serve you both in rhythm guitar and lead guitar. You'll be presented with the blues/funk tonal spectrum which will allow you to move from a sweet sound to a heavy blues sound in your note selection. Special emphasis will be placed on visualizing the scale degrees of chord forms on the fingerboard which will then allow you to access neighbor tones.

11 Total Video Lessons:

  • Funk Guitar Studies Vol. 2 Introduction
  • Scale Options Pt 1 E Mixolydian
  • Scale Options Pt 2 E Dorian
  • Scale Options Pt 3 E Minor Pentatonic/Blues Scale
  • Gm Funk Track Breakdown
  • KT Strut Track Breakdown
  • P Dubs Funk Pt 1 Track Analysis
  • P Dubs Funk Pt 2 Gtr 1 Breakdown
  • P Dubs Funk Pt 3 Gtr 2 Breakdown
  • P Dubs Funk Pt 4 Gtr 3 Breakdown
  • P Dubs Funk Pt 5 Craft Your Own Parts

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