Steinberg Cubase Elements v10.0.40 eXTender Rev10 [WiN]

Steinberg Cubase Elements
Team V.R | 30 September 2019 | 188 MB
Welcome to the world of Cubase with Cubase Elements, which offering you a streamlined music production environment with a lot of features that help seize the moment when musical creativity strikes. Sharing the same pristine audio quality as its larger siblings in the Cubase family, Cubase Elements provides the perfect starting point for intuitive song writing, studio-grade recordings and finalizing your mix. Do you want to elevate your sound to a new level? Cubase Elements is your next step.

Follow the flow

Cubase Elements, which you can download free on, can keep up with the pace with which your ideas flow. Whether you want to record your instruments and vocals or program cutting-edge beats, you will find all the creative tools and features in Cubase Elements that will guarantee an efficient and rewarding workflow. Improve your tracks with professional and precise editing and mixing capabilities and polish you productions with the top-notch channel strip in the integrated MixConsole - just exactly to the standards you expect from a Cubase-line product.

Cubase Elements 9

Get your private assistants

Composing music consists of finding an idea that you can elaborate into a full music composition. Cubase Elements makes it easy to harmonize and arrange your music with the innovative and unique Chord Pads and Arranger Track. Regardless whether you’re looking for further inspiration, a quick and easy way to play chords or try out different arrangements, Cubase Elements offers you maximum flexibility combined with a lightweight user interface to refine your ideas and get the best out of your music.

Your sound of music

Stay a step ahead of the rest with powerful instruments and awesome sounds. HALion Sonic SE, Groove Agent SE and Prologue - Cubase Elements provide a vast array of high-end sampled instruments, uplifting acoustic and electronic drums and grooves, state-of-the-art synths and experimental sound design tools. With the acclaimed VST Amp Rack tone suite all the amps you need stand right by your side to give your music that very individual tone.

Top 10 key features

  • Award-winning 32-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine, flexible routing and full automatic delay compensation
  • MixConsole for pro mixing desk experience and integrated high-end channel strip with dynamics and EQ
  • Simultaneous playback of 48 audio tracks, 64 MIDI tracks and up to 24 physical inputs and outputs
  • Over 40 audio effect processors, including high-end VST Dynamics, Pitch Correct for vocal intonation correction and the VST Amp Rack guitar tone suite
  • Three outstanding virtual instruments comprising the HALion Sonic SE workstation, Groove Agent SE drum machine and Prologue synthesizer
  • Chord Track and Chord Pads for playfully and creatively composing with chords
  • Powerful sample editor covering all common editing tasks and providing creative freedom while editing audio
  • Comprehensive content library with thousands of instrument sounds, MIDI construction loops and audio samples
  • Full upward compatibility with Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist for seamless upgrading to the next level
  • Basic score editing features for music notation and composition

Team V.R Note:
Install order:

0. Us Soft-eLicenser Antitrial to disable AntiTrial if installed (otherwise the installation will freeze)
1. Create account, download & install body from
2. Download & install update
3. Activate trial license. Important - order a soft-license for Element (upper submit), 'koz some sloppy ones order an USB-license for Pro
4. (Optional) Don't apply "Start usage period" & backup license file c:\ProgramData\Syncrosoft\SeLicenser.sel
5. Disable stupid antivirus. Protect the c:\Program Files (x86)\eLicenser\POS\ folder from antivirus software.
6. Apply "Soft-eLicenser Antitrial". **
7. Apply "Cubase Elements v10 eXTender" ***

* - "Soft-eLicenser Antitrial" work for Steinberg eLicenser soft protected trials, but currently unstable for dongle-trials :(
supported software:
Cubase Elements
WaveLab Elements
Nuendo Live 2
SpectraLayers 6
Halion 6
Groove Agent 5

** - Antitrial with optional license:
Retroloque 2
PadShop Pro
Zero Gravity Instrument Set for Padshop
Granular Symphonies Instrument Set for Padshop
Granular Guitars Instrument Set for Padshop
Discoveries Instrument Set for Prologue
Yamaha sonote beat re-edit
Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol.1 for Groove Agent ONE
Allen Morgan Signature Drums Vol.2 for Groove Agent ONE
ElekDrums for Groove Agent ONE
Prime Cuts for Groove Agent SE
Metronomic Cinema for Groove Agent SE
Neuro Mindset for Groove Agent SE
Colliding Worlds for Groove Agent SE
Future Past Perfect for Groove Agent SE
Songwriters Drum for Groove Agent SE
Nashville for Groove Agent SE
Simon Phillips Studio Drums for Groove Agent SE
Neo-Soul Keys for Halion Sonic SE
TriebWerk for Halion Sonic SE
Dark Planet for Halion Sonic SE
Hypnotic Dance for Halion Sonic SE
HALion Symphonic Orchestra for Halion Sonic SE

*** - Cubase Elements eXTended:
Number of audio tracks up to unlimited
Number of MIDI tracks up to unlimited
Number for instrument tracks up to unlimited
Physical inputs and outputs up to 256
Group channels up to 256
FX return channels up to 64
Number insers up to 16
Number of included audio effect plugins up to 74
Max samplerate up to 384 kHz
OMF, AAF (multitrack), MXF import/export
Nuendo project import
5.1 surround
Audio Alignment
ARA2 extension support
{compatible ARA2 plugins - the full path is hardcoded in the Cubase
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Celemony\Melodyne\Melodyne.vst3
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\AutoAlignPost.vst3
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\RevoiceProLinkVST(64bit).vst3
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\SpectraLayers.vst3
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\VocALignPro(64bit).vst3
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\VocALignProject(64bit).vst3 }

**** - rev.2:
now same variant eXTender for system with dongle. Yet dongle still not recomended 'koz wrong calculate some MCFACT methods
Antitrial b9 now automatic add exclusion for Windows Defender. Third party antivirus still conflicted :(
Antitrial b9 add fix for DCOM error (occurs if the antitrial is not turned off and the installation of the eLCC freezes and is interrupted forcibly)
- rev.3:
optional Cubase Artist addon (experimental)
- rev.4:
fixed wrong FeatureLicenseLevel in Cubase Artist addon
- rev.5:
optional Cubase Artist SX addon with some Cubase Pro feature (very experimental)
fixed typo leading to RMC error
- rev.6:
added 9 internal plug-ins
- rev.7:
fixed AudioAlignment method warn
- rev.8:
fixed Render in Place
- rev.9:
added VST Connect
- rev.10:
Artist SX fixed Expression Notes method warn

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  • ensoniq
    10 March 2018 00:36
    • How to crack? I try, but I can't... I read Install Order but...

      Please help, thank you...
  • MusicVibe
    3 April 2018 20:14
    • I have an annoying crash on Win7, everytime when it tries to startup.
      Any Suggestions?
  • kurzweiler
    22 January 2019 17:43
    • Incomplete extract, stopping at 97%, sorry.


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