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e-instruments Session Keys Grand S v1.3 [KONTAKT]

e-instruments Session Keys Grand S
P2P | 05 September 2020 | 4.58 GB
Session Keys takes a fresh look at the timeless Grand Piano by using a new and innovative approach to create the perfect sound for your productions. Carefully selected acoustic pianos, meticulously recorded and combined with an inventive feature set, deliver unmatched versatility in a truly inspiring set of instruments.

Each Session Keys Grand Piano comes with two acoustic characters to choose from: concert and studio. The unique workflow features the flexible Animator riff generator for perfect piano performances, Smart Chord Mode for easy pad controller use and the unparalleled Pentamorph for creative real-time sound design.

Sessions Keys features two of the most exquisite concert grand pianos any aficionado could dream of.

Session Keys Grand S delivers the rich harmonic structure, warm tone, and full resonances of the Steinway D4 Concert Grand Piano, used in numerous concerts and recordings by some of the world’s greatest artists.

Both Session Keys Grand S and Grand Y instruments feature two different sonic characters: concert and studio. Each acoustic flavour has been recorded in precise detail using two separate piano lid positions.

Concert Mode was recorded using an open lid in a room carefully chosen for its ideal concert acoustics. The fine art of microphone placement was used to capture the air and room resonances that are key to the wide-open, expressive Concert Grand Piano sound.

In Studio Mode, the piano was recorded with the lid removed; a completely different recording approach that used close-microphone practices to capture the sought-after dry Grand Piano sound. The results are perfect for any pop, hip-hop, jazz, soul and RnB productions.

- Steinway Concert Grand
- Two separate sound banks: Studio and Concert
- Pentamorph sound control to transform the whole sound with a single knob
- Animator with more than 400 flexible piano phrases
- Smart Chord function to create instant piano chords from single keys or pads
- Native Instruments NKS compatible
- Size: 11 GB / 4.91 GB (lossless sample compression)
- 24 bit, 44.1 kHz

Requires NI Kontakt Player or Kontakt Full v5.5.1 or higher!

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Classic, Pop, RnB, Jazz or Blues

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