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Pornofonic Instruments Konstruktor v1.1 [KONTAKT]

Pornofonic Instruments Konstruktor
SYNTHiC4TE | 04 December 2018 | 386 MB
Hybrid Convolution Rhythm Engine

Konstruktor is a hybrid drum designer and kit builder that blends acoustic sound sources with synthesized waveforms. Together with both fully acoustic and fully synthetic elements, this kit builder creates truly hybrid drums with a unique, fresh new sound.

Model each kit component with its own convolution plugin: almost 400 custom impulses that color, shape, distort, and augment the drum samples. Thicken kick drums, smear and widen snares, turn hi-hats into mini rhythm engines. Glitchbomb, Drumrust, Echoglitz, Boomscope...

  • 3,648 Stereo 48kHz/24bit samples
  • 476 Instruments
  • 394 Custom-designed convolution impulse responses
  • 7 Independently controllable drum kit slots
  • 6 Round-robin layers for every articulation
  • Separate LP/BP/HP filters with dedicated cutoff/resonance controls for each kit slot
  • 108 Factory Kits

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