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Denise Bass XL Full v1.0.0 [WiN, MacOSX]

Denise Bass XL Full
P2P | 03 December 2018 | 8 MB
Lazer sharp tool for creating a massive and controlled low end for your tracks in seconds. compression and eq: eat your heart out.

The Bass XL adds weight, and also works great on melodic content. Enhance a bass or electric guitar, a kick drum, sub bass, percussion track or a whole drum sub mix.

The plugin features the following highlights:

  • Tone dial: for full control over the character and color of your boost.
  • Ability to solo the added bass for reference or apply additional effects like saturation or distortion.
  • Volume independent drive: for a consistent sound in dynamic tracks..
  • Different filter slopes for a defined sound.
  • Low CPU usage.
  • No need for dongles or complex licence managers.

What’s great about the Bass XL is how fast and precisely you can work with it. Choose which frequency to boost, apply the boost with the mix control and then choose a filter slope to set the width of the boost. Steep slopes make the boost sound more resonant and precise, while gentle slopes make the boost sound more gradual and warm. Saturate and colour the sound with the drive and tone control. Repeat steps until happy with the results. For an extra tight or loose sound, use the ‘position’ to move the bass boost backwards and forwards in time.

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