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Taleweaver Orchestra Ancient Bowed Psaltery [KONTAKT]

Taleweaver Orchestra Ancient Bowed Psaltery
P2P | 02 December 2018 | 309 MB
The "Ancient Bowed Psaltery" is an Instrument Sample Library for Native Instruments' Kontakt 5. The recorded instrument has 21 strings attached to a triangle shaped corpus made of thin wood. The psaltery is a member of the harps- and zither-family which dates back to the first half of the 13. century. First it was played by plucking the strings with the fingertips but later in the early 20. century it was played with small bows not longer than a cubit.

Silver & Gold combined

When played with bows the strings tend to sound a bit thin and silvery but when plucked with fingers the psaltery can sound very gentle and warm. It really depends on the mood that shall be created. Combining both technics can lead to very interesting results.


Bowed & Plucked patches
21 recorded original tones + artificial expansions
Bowed: 3 Velocity-Layers, 3 Round-Robins each + Release Samples
Plucked: 3 Velocity-Layers, 5 Round-Robins each
About 500 Samples
custom spread-knob for widening the stereo panorama

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