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Crabtree Music Library Ultimate Bundle

If you could find a way to upload the Crabtree Music Library Ultimate Bundle that would be great. If Ultimates not possible, any of the volumes (vol.1-23) would be appreciated, thank you.

Libraries kulture 09.04.2020 1

Nexus 3

Please, upload Nexus 3

Software olamarilene 09.04.2020 0



• 71 Loops
• 27 One Shots
• 3 Fills
• 5 Fakeouts

• 6 Synth Hooks
• 5 Lazer Beams

• 5 Vox one shots

• 3 Special effects



Libraries Ali_Jabbarpour 08.04.2020 1

FluffyAudio - Spaghetti Western

The library features:

– Detailed Acoustic Guitar with our unique Strumming Engine
– Banjo
– Blues Harmonica with extended articulations
– Chromatic Harmonica
– Beautiful Classical Guitar with Strumming Engine
– Cornet with Legato
– Country Singer, a solo non-operatic voice with 3 different Legatos
– Vintage Drum-Kit with Rolls and Extended Techniques and Brushes
– Electric Bass
– Electric Baritone Guitar with Legato, Tremolo and multiple techniques
– Electric Guitar with Legato, Tremolo and multiple presets
– English Horn with Legato
– Forty Niner… strange male noises to spice up your music!
– Glockenspiel
– Jew’s Harp with controllable phrase speed and multiple patterns
– Three Ocarinas with Legato
– Opera Singer, a wonderful solo Singer with Ohhs and Aaahs Legato
– Outlaws Choir derived from Dominus Choir with also word shouting and Vowel Legato
– Piccolo Trumpet with Fast Legato and multiple articulations
– Recorder with many extended articulations such as Flutter, Legato
– Timpani with modwheel controlled Rolls
– Trumpet with two kinds of legato (Fast and Normal) and extended articulations
– Tubular Bells
– Vintage Strings, pre-processed from Venice Modern Strings with Polyphonic Legato
– Western Sounds, from wind noises to gunshots
– Male whistling, with Legato and two kinds of attack (glissando or s

Libraries Antitone 08.04.2020 0

SPL Transient Designer

Software Zedwardhd 08.04.2020 0

Plogue Art et Technologie, Inc Chipsynth MD

Synth for oldschool sounds

Software voodoomana 08.04.2020 0

Isotonik Chaos Culture MIDI Modulators Version 1.8.101 [Max for Live]

Version 1.8.101

– Device was not responding while using the latest Max version.

Software luan 08.04.2020 0

Zermelo Music - Tech House Production System

Lerning ShutKat 08.04.2020 1


Libraries antoniskoll 07.04.2020 0

Audiotent -VECTOR-Ableton Live Project

Libraries Jeybegood 07.04.2020 1

Celestial - Reggaeton Pop

Get ready for an inspirational fusion of Puerto Rican music combined with the smoothest pop-ish mood. Celestial – Reggaeton Pop is an essential collection of sunny melodies, tropical vibes, and catchy dembow rhythms. With artists like Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Don Omar, Major Lazer, Tito el Bambino, Wisin y Yandel, Farruko, J Alvarez, J Balvin, etc. spinning on the airwaves, it is time to make some Caribbean fire in your studio!

Libraries djstev1e 05.04.2020 0

Skillshare Practicing & Arranging With the Piano

About This Class
The aim of this course is to help composers arrange more fluently at the piano by focusing on practicing the fundamental patterns of arrangement. By taking this course you will enhance your composing and arranging skills, as well as becoming a better piano player.

My name’s Jack Vaughan. I’m a composer and online educator and founder of My courses have been taken by thousands of students in nearly 100 countries and my main thing is helping musicians write and practice music more effectively.

This is not a beginners course. This course follows on from my previous course, Music Composition at the Piano. The aim of that course was to give beginner musicians an amazing foundation in music theory and composition - or to give intermediate musicians a catchup on all the things they often miss. If you haven’t taken that course, or don’t feel totally confident with your level of music theory as it currently stands - then check it out before taking this one.

Performing musicians practice - all the time. That’s how they get better. But how do you practice if you’re a composer? After you’ve mastered a good level of music theory, and some basic keyboard skills - how do you really start absorbing new techniques & material and move from being an intermediate to professional?

In my experience, there’s two conventional bits of wisdom that professional composers usually say in answer to this: write lots of music on the job and listen to new music all the time.

Both of these are absolutely true and probably the best bits of advice you can get. If you’re not already doing them, stop watching this video and do that solidly for a week and see what happens.

However, my guess is that you’re already doing this, and it’s not answering all your questions. The thing is, most early stage composers get stuck when writing - quite a lot. And it’s really an issue of vocabulary.

Imagine I’m trying to write in french but my level of vocabulary is limited - my writing is not going to be so good - no matter how much I write. Obviously I need to learn more words or standard patterns in the language and then try them out in my writing.

I could also try and read or listen to as much french as possible - but how much do I actually recognise and therefore absorb for my own writing?

This is a perfect analogy for music. How can we write without a basic vocabulary of patterns and how can we emulate what we’re listening to if we can’t understand it?

In language learning, there is a well known hack or trick to pushing through this stage much quicker than the average learner and it’s to find the top 300 most used words or patterns in the language and to learn those first.

THIS is what we’re doing in this course - except, obviously - we’re doing it in music not french! This course teaches you the fundamental patterns of arranging in music in a practical way - at the piano. When you have these patterns under your belt you can:

#1 Start combining and manipulating them in many different ways.

#2 You start hearing these patterns everywhere! Which shows you music isn’t as hard as you thought!

#3 You can deconstruct your favorite music and emulate it with ease

#4 You can develop musical ideas with ease and finally start finishing that pile of sketches that you have been building up! : )

My hope is that at the end of this course you’ll have built up and continue to be building a powerful skillset at the piano and have a wealth of arranging principles on which to draw from. And my hope is that these two pillars will allow you to express your compositional ideas more fluently and more reliably.

I hope to see you on the inside.

Lerning SylverVe 04.04.2020 4

Lakeside Audio Isola Pro FX v2.0 [WiN]-Filecat Links please

Software nuel2001 04.04.2020 0

Splice originals Afro Cuban Percussion with Elizabeth Pupo Walker

Libraries Rashad Harris 03.04.2020 0

Freshtone LOST TAPES 3

Libraries Rashad Harris 03.04.2020 0


Libraries Rashad Harris 03.04.2020 0


Libraries Rashad Harris 03.04.2020 0

Passive Eq by Native Instruments

Libraries Zedwardhd 03.04.2020 0

Deep Melodic Tech House 2 White Label


Label: Sample Magic
Authentic deep tech tools...

Analogue melodics, syncopated sequences and pummelling beats - Deep Melodic Tech-House 2 comes packed with a collection of techy synth loops, rolling tops, percussion and booming bass riffs expertly crafted and curated. Deep Melodic Tech-House 2 offers an assortment of loops one-shots and MIDI to deliver all you need to inject your tech-house tracks with authentic analogue warmth, character and groove.

Download Contains:

386 x 24-bit WAV files
149 x Midi Files
Drum Hits:

13 x Claps
07 x Cymbals
23 x Hats
16 x Kicks
33 x Percussion
15 x Snares

Libraries mtso 03.04.2020 0

Melodic Tech White Label

Label: Sample Magic

TagsDrum HitsFxWavArpsAnalogueSynthetic PercussionMidiWhite LabelBassAtmospheresSequences

Moody melodics, pounding beats, and syncopated sequences make up this modern, fresh take on techno. Hypnotically intriguing and meticulously crafted, Melodic Tech fuses the best in deep, mainroom and tech influences to deliver over 400MB of droning synth loops, music kits, drum beats, booming bass riffs, and drum hits making up an uncompromising collection of underground groove for the aspiring techno and tech-house producer.

Download Contains:

279 x 84-bit WAV files
Drum Hits:

14 x Claps
10 x Crashes
20 x Hats
25 x Kicks
15 x Percussion
10 x Rides
25 x Snares

Libraries mtso 03.04.2020 0
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