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Title Category Author Date

Waves Complete v2018.12.05 Incl Emulator-R2R

Libraries flyonthewall 11.12.2018 0



Libraries johnnyz 10.12.2018 0


Libraries rzalac 09.12.2018 0

norCtrack Ensoniq TS 12 NKI

Libraries bossdonnyc 09.12.2018 0

e Instruments Session Keys Grand S

The professional
versatile piano

The iconic and unmistakable sound of the Steinway D Concert Grand Piano: be inspired by its highly playable rich warm tones.

Libraries johnnyz 07.12.2018 0

Loopmasters Hip Hop Instrumentals Vol 3

Please Re-Up?
Much Love!!!!

Libraries Spacewalker 04.12.2018 0

Wavesfactory Sharine

Libraries nuel2001 03.12.2018 0

Sonokinetic LARGO

Libraries jimmy2018 02.12.2018 0

Mix with the Masters - Mike Bozzi

Or any other recent Mix with the Masters tutorials

Lerning tokainz 02.12.2018 0

Synth Magic - 8 Oblique S (kontakt)

Custom instrument named and styled after the early computer Peter Zinovieff used in the 1960s.
High quality sample content from vintage sound sourcess
Synth with modulation, Effects & Arpeggiator sections
Over 100 great presets included

Libraries Antitone 01.12.2018 0

Synth Magic - Polaris (Kontakt)

Custom instrument based on the 80's Polaris Synth
4.2GB of Wavs (NI Lossless Compression to 3.5GB)
Synth, Sequencer and Effects
Will not work with free Kontakt Player.
Over 200 snapshots included

Libraries Antitone 01.12.2018 0

Synth Magic - SH - M (kontakt)

Custom instrument based on the Roland SH-1000 monosynth
2.5GB of high quality sample content compressed to 1.5GB using NI's lossless compression
Extensive Synth, Modulation, Performance & Effects
250 great presets included

Libraries Antitone 01.12.2018 0



Beatport's Progressive House top charting and #1 selling artist Stan Kolev is back with his second massive sample pack you definitely don't want to miss!

Massive 1.56 GB in size, of the greatest tools and source of inspiration you have been waiting for.

What’s in the collection?

• 20 Atmospheres & Drones
• 25 Bass Loops
• 26 Fx Loops
• 21 Kick Loops
• 30 Percussion Loops
• 33 Synth & Sequences
• 40 Top Loops
• 100% Royalty Free!
• All loops are tempo synced at 123 bpm, Atmospheres & Drones, Bass, Synth & Sequences loops are key labeled.

Download Contains:

• 195 x WAV 44.1kHz, 24 bit
• 195 x AIFF 44.1kHz, 24 bit

Download Size:

• 1.56 GB Unzipped.

Libraries Ainar 29.11.2018 0

Music Production School Power Equalization Course

Official Course Link :-

The Power Equalization Course is a comprehensive study of the art of equalization in the mixing process. This 12 week course focuses solely on Equalization processing techniques and includes practical applications and demonstrations every step of the way. You will learn the secrets of Equalization processing used by top professionals in the music industry. This includes my own personal 30 year history of studying the art of mixing with over 30 gold and platinum records and well over 100 million in sales.

Equalization is one of the oldest forms of processing with many variations of filter and design types, used to focus and shape sound. Each technological development brought with it a new level of control that became the techniques that are featured in this course. You will learn everything you need to know about the different types of equalization, vintage equalizers, classic console equalizers, as well as modern digital EQs all the way through to dynamic equalization. You will also learn specific engineering techniques for individual instruments, all with practical step by step explanations and demonstrations.

Equalization is about so much more than individual tracks sounding good in solo. It is about how each sound fits into the whole mix and how the methods you use shape the spacing, separation and depth of individual sounds in your mix. If you want to master the art of equalization in the mixing processing, this course will provide you with all the essential information you need to set you in the right direction.

Lerning k3sh4v 28.11.2018 0

Music Production School Loudness Course

Official Course Link :-

Have the Loudness Wars Ruined Music?: ‘Loudness Wars’ have been going on since the 1950’s when someone realized a listener’s attention was heightened if a song played louder than others on the radio. Back then, loudness was primarily achieved at the cutting lathe and the quality of the vinyl used in manufacturing. Over the succeeding decades, improvements in hardware and software technology have enabled loudness levels to progressively increase to near flat-line distortion. Today, in spite of new loudness streaming standards, producers and artists continue pushing the loudness envelope as a creative, as well as competitive, tool in their production work.

Loudness as a Creative Tool: Achieving loudness is a cumulative process that must be considered at every step of the mix if you want full creative control of the final sound. Otherwise, you may be left to the mercy of an overly aggressive mastering process and a thin, pinched, and lifeless master. The Loudness Course is about far more than just getting loud masters. It is about learning the skills that allow you to be creative with it and use it as a tool to shape the sonic signature of your mixes and productions. Loudness can be achieved in many ways ranging from relatively transparent to heavily distorted. The ‘right’ approach is what best suits the style of music and meaning of the song you are working on, not some preconceived limitation imposed by old grumpy people.

Loudness and the Future: The Loudness Course will also cover the current direction of the consumer marketplace including streaming services and media players. It is expected that by 2020 all streaming services and default settings for media players will set their average loudness level to somewhere between -14 and -16 LUFS (Loudness Unit Full Scale), most have already done so. As a result, heavily compressed masters will have their average loudness level set to -14 LUFS. If that master sounds thin, pinched and distorted at a high level, it will sound very small and lifeless when streaming. Does this mean ‘loudness’ is a thing of the past? No way!

Loudness at Any Level: Loudness is more than a meter reading. It is also about perception and recognition of the listener. The more clear, solid and focussed a sound is, regardless of dynamic range, the more perceptible it will be. It that sense, clear perception equates to recognition which equates to perceived loudness, which equates to a loud master regardless of streaming service standards. So how can you achieve this magic? That is exactly what this course is designed to teach you.

Lerning k3sh4v 28.11.2018 0

Sexy Sounds Drum Kit Reloaded WAV

Libraries flyonthewall 27.11.2018 0

Digital Music Doctor Mixing & Mastering v4 Know It All

Libraries flyonthewall 27.11.2018 0

Auto-Tune Vocal Studio

Software Lagrenouillette 27.11.2018 0

Slate Digital FG-X Mastering Processor

Mastering Software for Windows please

Software miketramp 26.11.2018 1

Zero-G - Jungle Warfare Vol 1-3

Zero-G - Jungle Warfare volume 1-3 sample libraries

These are classics!


Libraries maximusflare 26.11.2018 0
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