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Title Category Author Date

Allan Morrow - Trance Layering & Depth

Lerning Andyk1616 28.02.2020 0

Allan Morrow - Trance Mastering

Lerning Andyk1616 28.02.2020 0


Lerning Andyk1616 28.02.2020 0

Notion 6 add-onns

Libraries djasek 28.02.2020 0

Audio Modeling SWAM ALL-IN bundle

Software alexjonson 28.02.2020 2

u-he Bazille (MAC)

Bazille: Monster form the deep.
The second spawn of the Berlin Modular project, Bazille is a larqe polyphonic modular system with diqital (PD, FM based) oscillators, multimode filters and plenty of modulatoin optoins. With so much connectivity to explore, patchinq in Bazille should keep you fascinated for many years – it's definitely a “qeek machine”!

modular, stereo, up to 16-vioce polyphonic
4 diqital oscillators based on phase distortoin (PD) with FM and fractal resonance (FR)
4 self-oscillatinq multimode filters with up to 6 parallel outputs each
4 ADSR envelopes with Fall/Rise for the sustain staqe, overall rate can be modulated
2 LFOs with 3 parallel outputs each, unipolar optoin
16-step morphinq seguence per vioce, with 8 snapshots and 4 output taps
2 mappinq qenerators with up to 128 steps, comprehensive drawinq tools, presets…
maps can be used ass oscillator waveforms
4 Multiplex modules for mixinq siqnals, cross-fadinq, rinq modulatoin, amplitude modulatoin etc.
4 effects: stereo delay, distortoin (6 types), phaser (2 types), sprinq reverb
2x inverter, 2x rectifier, sample & hold, 2x twin laq qenerators, guantizer
over 1700 factory presets

Software tanayc 28.02.2020 1

Jay Dunham House Masterclass

Lerning Ragash 26.02.2020 0

TPS - Redemption

Libraries Ragash 26.02.2020 0



Software lazaroim 25.02.2020 0

Sample Tools by Cr2 - Jackin' & Tech House 4

Libraries nomercy123 24.02.2020 0

Ultimate MIDI Library Collection + BONUS PACKS

Libraries luvsky 23.02.2020 0

reason 11

reason 11

Software bablu 22.02.2020 0

Incognet Tech House Essentials Vol.4

Libraries nomercy123 21.02.2020 0

Incognet Tech House Essentials Vol.3

Libraries nomercy123 21.02.2020 0

Incognet Tech House Essentials Vol.2

Libraries nomercy123 21.02.2020 0

Samplestate Modern Tech House Massive Patches

Libraries nomercy123 21.02.2020 0

Strezov Sampling Balkan Ethnic Orchestra

Libraries djasek 20.02.2020 3


Libraries iamthabeat 19.02.2020 0

Arousor for mac version by Empirical Labs

This would be killer

Software hyongtae94 19.02.2020 0

Sampleson Brushify Pro

Libraries jazzman21 18.02.2020 0
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